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Why You Should Take Longer Vacations

Beautiful Forest and Quote

Beautiful Forest and Quote

I stand on the porch and look out into the woods. I feel my shoulders release their tension just a little bit more.

It’s the 5th day of our vacation and I’m still feeling my muscles release stress.

Four months earlier I was at a conference and while I was there I was trying to be everywhere at once. I wore myself out.

After the conference was over I took a long morning to myself before I headed to the airport. I told myself that this was “ME” time. I was fooling myself. I was just too exhausted to do anything, but get a cup of coffee and stare into space.

I Was A Fraud

After trying to do a little work on the plane. I closed my laptop. Closed my eyes. I was a fraud.

How could I tell other people not to push too hard without taking the time to reflect and recharge?

I forgot how important it was to take a vacation.

You need short breaks throughout the day and long breaks throughout the year.

Too much work stifles your creativity.

I go to 4-5 conferences a year to speak and network. It’s an adventure, but it doesn’t leave much time for reflection. I also take long weekends with my family. I like to think of these as vacations, but they really aren’t. These are good to do, but don’t help me recharge my internal battery. It’s more of a quick charge.

It’s why I stopped trying to work on Sundays. I use this time for reflection and recharging my mind and body.

I had been working very hard for the past 12 months. I hadn’t thought about a vacation. We had one planned for the summer, but I really intended to work through a lot of it.

Right now I’m on vacation. Yes, I’m writing this on vacation because writing is very important to me capturing and improving on my ideas.

It’s the grind of billing, invoicing, setting up calls, marketing, social media, and everything it takes to grow my businesses that is draining. It all adds up throughout the year. Each thing is like a small little weight that sits on my shoulders.

So now as I’m writing these thoughts to help you, I realize how important it is for you to understand the importance of a long vacation. A long vacation to let these little weights fall off your shoulders.

At First It’s Painful

I felt anxious that I wasn’t responded back to clients within a few hours.

I kept reaching for my phone to check it out of habit.

I felt the need to stay busy.

Then I made a conscious decision to be smart about this vacation. I watched how when I grabbed my phone it was to avoid feeling anxious. So instead I just became a watcher of these thoughts and feelings.

I stopped getting angry at myself for wanting to do great work. I also stopped allowing email to ease my anxiety. Late July to mid August is a slow time of year for me. It’s ok for me not to respond back within a few hours. I told all my clients that this would be my vacation. No one asked me to be available. They all said. Have a great vacation. They knew what I forgot. The importance of taking a long vacation.

Two days ago I went to the beach without a laptop and I checked my email once and didn’t respond to anything. Five days ago I went to the Castle playground in Doylestown, PA with my father and 5-year-old, then got a burger, library, a nature hike, then a glass of beer and a nice meal with the family.

Starting to Unwind

It’s took all five days for me to start relaxing and unwind.

Of course daily Yoga helps too.

This morning I took a hike with my 5-year-old son and picked raspberries. These thoughts started to bubble and I wrote a note into my phone to take a couple hours to write this post.

Your brain needs to play. Adventure gives you the freedom to play with your thoughts and take them in all different kinds of directions. This can only happen with extended play. You won’t unwind with a long weekend. It takes awhile to let go of the work, stress, anxiety to allow you to see clearly.

From an unofficial pole from my coaching clients it seems like day 5 is when the tension really starts to unwind.

What can you do to extend your next vacation. If you were going to take a long weekend, try taking 5-6 days. If you were going to take a week try taking 10 days. I understand if you can’t extend the next one, but start planning a long vacation now. It will make you happier and after it’s over you will have an extra bounce in your step when you get back.

The important part is not to ignore the thoughts that bubble up on vacation. Get them out and get them down.

You don’t need to start up a new project or dive into work. Just write down what thoughts and feelings bubble up and come to mind so you don’t forget them. You’ll probably come up with a few new ideas that you’ll be excited to use when you get back to work.

Now go and plan your next long vacation and let yourself truly relax and watch what happens. Then come back here and share it with me.

Start Something New to Level Up Your Happiness

Of all the buildings in Texas my favorite has to be the Alamo. You can feel the pain that happened there.

Even the walls look like they are crying.There is something cathartic about walking through the historic building. I can just hand over my worries to the building.

Then after you thoughts are cleansed you go outside into the courtyard. As you walk around the asphalt paths there are soda machines tucked back by the bathrooms. They make me smile.

We can’t help but infuse modern living into museums. It’s who we are.

Do you want do work you care about? You have to start by building a resume that your ideal people love. Click here to check out the Unlock Your Career Happiness guide. You’ll find out the 7 most important steps to doing work you love.

There was someone that thought this was a good idea. It was voted on and now we have soda machines to quench people’s thirst as they walk the grounds.

I’m not sure it this is good or bad, but how cool would it be if there was an area to buy a drink that mimicked the experience of what it would have been like to buy a drink over 100 years ago?

Employees that worked the 100 Year Old Bar could be dressed similarly. There could be old style music. I’m not sure what they drank back then, but they could add modern drinks and flavors like Coke, but keep everything else feeling like it would a have been ordering from a bar at that time. Yes, this would cost more, but I know it would generate more money for them. It would be a memorable experience. One I would pay for again and again.

The idea is to get visitors to talk about the story of the Alamo with my friends. The only way to do this is to do something new. Something I haven’t seen before. Something worth sharing.

Yes it might be more challenging for the organization that runs the Alamo, but it could also send thousands of more people there each month.

New challenges help us become healthier. It slows down your cognitive decline and helps you work with purpose.

I want to create a better experience for you at Work Happy Now, so I decided to do something new.

As I work to infuse more ways for you to bring more happiness to your career and life I’ve decided to create a podcast.

I want to make it special. I want to make the experience fun, learning, and authentic. Something for you to download to your phone or other device so you can listen on the way to work.

So I’m hoping to get feedback from you.

Are you a fan of podcasting?

Then fill out this short survey and let me know how I can help you infuse more passion, improve your focus, and leverage your strengths at work.

P.S. If you don’t listen to podcast or don’t like audio books then no worries. I’m going to continue to write articles to help you too. If you do like audio then fill out the short survey and let me know how I can help you better.

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