Vendor: Cisco Exam Code: 200-150 Exam Name: DCICN Introducing Cisco 210-250 dumps Data Center Networking Version: Demo

QUESTION 1 Which three layers of the OSI model are included in the application layer of the TCP/IP model? (Choose three.) A. 2 B. 6 C. 3 D. 7 E. 4 Correct Answer: ACE

QUESTION 2 What is the minimum number of disks 210-255 dumps that are needed in RAID 1? A. 4 disks B. 2 disks C. 8 disks D. 16 disks Correct Answer: A

QUESTION 3 Which two are functions of the data center access layer? (Choose two) A. server connections B. VLAN creation C. packet filtering D. high data transfer rate E. high network fault tolerance Correct Answer: AB

QUESTION 4 An engineer created three VSANs on the Cisco MDS switch. 200-150 dumps VSAN 100 is allocated to the marketing department, VSAN 110 is allocated to the research department, and VSAN 120 is allocated to the business department. The engineer wants to verify that the interfaces for the research department are allocated accordingly. Which command should the engineer use? A. mdsswitch# show vsan 110 B. mdsswitch# show vsan membership C. mdsswitch# show vsan D. mdsswitch# show vsan usage Correct Answer: C

QUESTION 5 Which two terms can take the place 200-125 dumps of the wildcard mask in an ACL? A. eq B. deny C. host D. all E. anyCorrect Answer: BC

QUESTION 6 Which two port types are needed to build out an FCoE pass-through switch in NPV mode while maintaining Fiber Channel packet visibility? (Choose two.) A. VN Port B. VE Port C. VF Port D. Edge Port E. N Port Correct Answer: BD

QUESTION 7 Which two options 300-160 dumps are valid VTP commands? {Choose two) A. feature vtp B. vtp client mode C. vtp VLAN D. vtp version E. vtp static Correct Answer: AD

QUESTION 8 Which two options are multicast addresses? (Choose two.) A. FD00::2 B. C. FF05::2 D. E. Correct Answer: CE

QUESTION 9 What is the maximum of fabric modules that can be installed in a Cisco 300-165 dumps Nexus 7000 chassis? A. 5 B. 6 C. 4 D. 7 Correct Answer: A

QUESTION 10 An engineer is configuring a new MDS switch. The switch is powered on, the customer connects to the console, and the initial setup script is started. Which two items can be configured 400-201 dumps during this setup process? A. default port-channel mode B. default port VSAN membership C. default switch port interface state D. default zone mode E. default storage VDCCorrect Answer: CD

QUESTION 11 Refer to the exhibit. Which type of network 300-170 dumps communication is depicted? A. 802.3 frame B. TCP frame C. Ethernet packet D. UDP packet Correct Answer: A

QUESTION 12 Which option describes what a switch does after it items that a host has connected to a switch port? A. Flood the frame only on 300-175 dumps all of its trunk ports. B. Create a MAC to port mapping entry in MAC table. C. Flood the frame only on all of its access ports. D. Discard the frame. Correct Answer: C

QUESTION 13 What is the maximum working distance of a 1000BASE-ZE SFP transceiver when ordinary single mode fiber? A. up to 70 kilometers B. up to 40 kilometers C. up to 550 meters D. up to 10 kilometers Correct Answer: D

QUESTION 14 Which command set creates an access control list on a Cisco 300-180 dumps Nexus switch to deny only FTP traffic from any source to destination host A. N5K-A(config)# Ip access-list 101 N5K-A(config-acl)# deny judp any host eq 21 N5K-A(config-acl)# permit ip any any B. N5K-A(config)# Ip access-list 101 N5K-A(config-acl)# deny judp any host eq ftp C. N5K-A(config)# deny tcp any host eq ftp N5K-A(config)# access-list 101deny Ip any any D. N5K-A(config)# Ip access-list 101 N5K-A(config-acl)# deny tcp any host eq 21 N5K-A(config-acl)# permit Ip any any Correct Answer: D

Where Do You Hide Your Happiness?

hide-behind-handsAs my 1 Sentence Journal fills up I’m beginning to see my happiness patterns. For example when I start writing early in the day I can get my thoughts on this track that allows me to write in large quantities. I plant the seed early and I can’t let go. I almost always end up surprising myself with my productivity levels.

I never would have discovered this if I hadn’t taken the time to contemplate my workday. You don’t need to meditate in the typical sense to enjoy the benefits of contemplation. The idea is to find a way to relax your thoughts and be in the now, so you can improve just a little bit each day.


A big portion of my happiness felt anchored to how much I could write/create, especially on the weekends when I needed to get a bulk of my writing accomplished. Understanding my process allowed me to bring clarity to what made me happy.

Adding the one sentence journal helped me expose some hidden happiness that I hadn’t expected.

The older I get and the closer to death I get less likely I am to fool myself into sticking with the same old patterns. My fear just doesn’t have a strangle hold on my emotions like they used to. I’m much more willing to expose the lies that I hold on to, so I can make positive changes.

Excerpts from my one sentence journal:

3-20-10 – I had trouble staying focused, still need to work on relaxing with my work.

4-12-10 – My mind was scattered trying to focus my energy on how to reach my right people. I was grumpy and frustrated. My mind was focused on my mistakes instead of the possibilities that I could create.

5-25-10 – Planning my day each morning is very important. Helps me stay focused.

6-15-10 – Called out sick because I had Saturday hours, got some good work done. Nice to have the house to myself so I could stay focused.

10-19-10 – Got some little stuff done. Need to stay focused on big picture.

12-11-10 – I was a little disappointed in myself this Saturday. I need to get my work done so I can hang out with the family on Sunday. I putzed around and when I did work I wasn’t very focused. I don’t think the two beers and green helped very much.

This is only a small portion of my 1 Sentence Journal. There were many patterns that I found and improved. To help me keep my focus I’ve implemented the technique I talked about, Doing the Important Stuff Early.

I also implemented two other techniques:

  • Review big picture each week and each month. This helps me get my focus back on track. I use my 1 Sentence Journal to do this as well. (Macro)
  • When doing singular tasks I use an egg timer to stay on task. As long as my egg timer is counting down I refuse to check out my Twitter account or my email. (Micro)

I know myself. When I’m productive I’m happy. I love knocking out an ebook, e-course or interviewing someone. It makes me proud. That’s time well spent.


You probably hold back from happiness to placate others or because of your fear. It’s natural. I still do it. The thing is – what are you doing to expose these lies you are telling yourself?

If you love getting your creative work done early why are you putting it off until the afternoon? If you hate doing to Sunday Brunch with the Stewarts and their annoying kid then why do you do it? If you hate cold calling why do you do it?

We know what we need to do to be happy, but for some reason we don’t do it until we see the patterns for ourselves and feel enough pain to take action.

You have to find a way to stimulate yourself to ask yourself these tough questions. It’s the only way you will expose your willingness to accept the unhappiness. No one likes to ask and answer these tough questions. I understand that, but what is the alternative? You can’t go on living in unhappiness.

I couldn’t do it any longer. I had to expose the lies I was telling myself so I could open myself to changing my bad habits.

What things do you do now that makes you happy? (i.g. Eat fried food during lunch or cold calling customers.)

What changes have you made to improve your happiness? (i.g. You go to the gym during lunch or you only make warm calls to people who already know you.)

* Need a boost to your work happiness? Then check out the Happy at Work Project and start one yourself.

* I’m co-hosting the Book Yourself Solid Twitter Party this Thursday with Michael Port. Come check it out and win some cool prizes. Did I mention it’s free.

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  1. Hi Karl,

    Great post and great ideas. I’ve just started reading Dan Ariely’s book “Predictably Irrational”, and he has an entire chapter on procrastination and why we can’t make ourselves do what we want to do. I plan on applying what I learn to my own procrastination around my writing projects. My energy gets frittered away struggling between what I want to write about and what I think I “should” write about. Once I get going with writing about something that inspires or interests me I’m fine. The other thing I need to do is get back into my timed writing practice–10 minutes a day–as soon as I wake up. (Yes, before I even get out bed and have my tea.)

    Have a great day.

    • Hi Sue, I totally agree with Dan. The thing is we can always find ways to do work that might not necessarily light our world on fire. I’m not a big fan of posting my article to my blog. In reality it’s tedious. It’s a part of blogging that I have to put up with. The whole time I’m copying and pasting in the article and making sure all the little stuff is done I’m thinking about the people that I want to help with this piece. This little trick helps me stay motivated and stop resisting what I know needs to get done.

  2. Joe Wilner says:

    A one sentence jounal seems like a great idea. Whatever helps to find clarity is crucial. I try and meditate consistently though find general contemplation a great way to find more focus. Great post!


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