Work Happiness Tip – Tag Your Co-Worker

I posted on Twitter about the importance of rewarding your co-workers. I love Twitter, by the way. The ability to connect with fun, smart and quirky people is brilliant.

A friend on Twitter told me that she likes to create tags for her co-workers.

I asked her what she meant and she explained that she likes to give out random acts of kindness to the people she works with. She draws beautiful pictures on pricing tags. She sent me these photos so I could share them with you.
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Hard, Fun and Beautiful – Holiday Hangover Edition

(Can’t see the video? Then try watching it at Work Happy Now – The Hard, The Fun and The Beautiful – Holiday Hangover Edition)

Last week Thanksgiving came and went. There was family, almost half a work week and now I’m back to a grueling full week.

It’s not easy to transition from so much fun back to full steam ahead.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy challenging myself. It’s fun to reflect on my accomplishments, but it’s also fun to do nothing for a whole day except for eating, napping and hanging out with family.

Let’s begin:
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Work Happy Tip – It’s Time to Treat Your Co-workers

cupcakesSo you probably work closely with co-workers and/or clients. They’ve come to expect the usual things. We all do. So now is the time to surprise them with a treat.

Last year I had a co-worker who baked a whole mess load of cupcakes. She didn’t just make the vanilla kind. She made chocolate, lemon poppy, and vanilla cupcakes. Everyone was asking each other if they tried those sweet little cakes of love.

Okay, they didn’t ask each other that, but they did ask each other if they tried a delicious cupcake.

It made everyone talk about Amy in a fond way.

Every time someone thanked her you could see this warm glow come over her. I think the cupcakes made her happier than the people who ate them.

My favorite was the lemon poppy. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be good or not. I almost went for the old standby of chocolate with white icing, but I took a chance and won.
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Be One With Your Work


I’ve been playing with drawing in relation to work happiness. I’ve found that there are parts of me hidden within a pencil that don’t come out on the keyboard. I’ve been messing with this medium on and off for about 12 years, but in the last year I’ve really been enjoying myself.

I drew this piece when I felt really frustrated after trying to write a blog post. In my head the concept sounded brilliant then it came out of me like a big blob of stink. I was frustrated and wanted to punch my screen.
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The Secrets to Workplace Leadership

shh-leadershipI shared a drink with a friend who manages a team of five people. He was wondering how people’s moods can fluctuate in such a broad range, which affects the quality of their work. One of his employees is always up and down. He is engaged with his work one week and then he seems to lose interest. His interest fluctuates and he isn’t sure why.

We all have this problem it’s just that most of us force ourselves to stay focused. My friend told me that he has tried giving this employee various kinds of work to see what interests him, but that didn’t work either.

I asked him if he ever sits down with his staff to explain the reasoning behind the work.

He said he didn’t. He never really thought of that because it’s pretty obvious to him. They need to design websites that exceed the customer’s expectations.

He was losing out on a huge opportunity. People often stop looking at the larger picture because they get comfortable. This comfortable feeling reduces their desire to go above and beyond the normal effort.

A study at the University of Alberta showed that people need a sense of purpose in order to feel engaged with their work. A ‘Spirit at Work’ intervention program for a group of long-term health-care workers boosted morale and job retention. This program urged employees to rethink their job, which reduced absenteeism by 60% and turnover by 75%.

“We discovered that people who are able to find meaning and purpose in their work, and can see how they make a difference through that work, are healthier, happier and more productive employees,” said Val Kinjerski, a University of Alberta PhD graduate who co-authored the study.
– E-science news gathered this information from the Journal of Gerontological Nursing.

By helping your people understand why they do what they do – you can increase happiness and productivity.

I’m going to give you a few ideas that might help your employees/coworkers to connect with their work.
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Hard Fun and Beautiful – Ripped Web Edition

(Can’t see the video? Then try watching it at Work Happy Now – The Hard, The Fun and The Beautiful – Ripped Web Edition)

Where we are free to talk about the hard, the fun, and the beautiful of our work week.

This week has been uneventful. I realized that I kept trying to make it more exciting by creating more worry. I needed a little more drama to keep things interesting.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been noticing this pattern lately. I’ve been feeling the need to spice up my life with larger emotions. Next week I’m going to try to focus on relaxing with what is going on. Because this is it. This is my life, and it can be a good thing or a bad thing, all depending on my perspective.

Ok, let’s begin…
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How Your Company Can Bring the Fun Back

lego-jailWe’re afraid of having fun because we might get caught by our boss. The dreaded Fired hangs over us like a dark cloud. So we quietly go about our work trying to stay under the radar.

The problem with this method of working is that our confidence takes a hit. We don’t always make choices that best fit the situation, because if the choice scares us then we avoid it. Living this way puts us in a state of lack instead of abundance.

Most of us were raised to stay under the radar. We got negative attention for being bad. When we did something good there was no fanfare because it’s what we were supposed to be doing.

Much of the corporate world works this way too. The people who get promoted are the ones who do the least damage to the company. That’s no way to reward an employee who has the courage to try something new and they fail.

We need to build a culture that accepts mistakes especially if an employee puts their neck on the line. When people are encouraged to take risks, they will be more likely to accomplish projects that will succeed big.
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The Hard, The Fun, and The Beautiful – Puffy Smile Edition

(Can’t see the video? Then try watching it at Work Happy Now – The Hard, The Fun and The Beautiful – Puffy Smile Edition)

Where we are free to talk about the hard, the fun, and the beautiful of our work week.

Connecting with like minded people has been the theme of this week. So many people tell me to connect with others who are different than me. I know that it’s good to have different people in my network, but having like minded people has been more important.

I was on a teleconference this past week for a membership site. I talked about the importance of building your core foundation in order to be able to feel happiness more easily. The energy was high and I enjoyed the heck out of talking to new people.

It’s these connections help me feel at home wherever I go. Some people just make me feel loved. I love helping out people who make me feel that way.

Let’s begin…
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When Do You Decide Whether or Not You are Happy at Work?


When you just got a raise?

When you had a fight with a co-worker?

When a client tears you a new one because they had a bad day?

When you completed a tough project?

When you slept 4 hours the night before?

There are so many ways to judge our happiness at work, but it really requires a focused mind to reflect and decide on the right things.
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Hard, Fun, and the Beautiful – Before it Gets Cold Edition

(Can’t see the video? Then try watching it at Work Happy Now – Hard Fun and The Beautiful – Before it Gets Cold Edition)

Where we are free to talk about the hard, the fun, and the beautiful of our work week.

Whenever I go away I can see time slipping by. I love going back to the place I grew up, but I feel like I fall farther behind on my dream while I am away. Dealing with these feelings is never easy.

So let’s get started.
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