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How to Make Innovative Ideas a Natural Process in Your Career


If you’re ready to level up your superpowers, you may want to sign-up for my 7 Part free E-Course to a Happier and More Successful You or my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Judah Pollack of The Chaos Imperative Recently in Edinburgh I sat down to enjoy […]

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Day 30 of Joy Realignment Challenge – Leaning Forward


Have you ever sat on a bench and watched people jog by? You can spot the people who have an easy time jogging. They have good form. They don’t seem to be struggling. They get it. The technique doesn’t seem to be that difficult. Lean slightly forward, land on the balls of your feet, have […]

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7 Warning Signs You Need a New Career


(I couldn’t resist putting this warning sign to grab your attention.) Is your career not quite as fulfilling and exciting as you hoped it would be? You were probably taught to just put your head down and work through the pain. I know I was. I have a tough old-school German father who worked 60 […]

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Day 21 of Realigning My Joy with My Subconscious Challenge – Turning a Corner

In the previous update I talked about my struggles with my subconscious joy realignment challenge. How I’m trying to figure out how to find easier ways to enjoy my daily struggles. At first I felt like I was floating on big fluffy clouds after Day 7 from just a simple mantra each morning and afternoon. It seemed […]

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Day 13 of Realigning My Subconscious with My Joy – The Struggle

I seriously thought this would be a lot easier than it really has become. I seem to have hit a wall. You may be following this 30 Day Challenge  because of this post - Realigning My Joy through My Subconscious. I had two messages to myself that I had to repeat every morning when I woke […]

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Day 7 of Realigning My Subconscious My Joy – Cloud 9


As you may know I’m working on a 30 day Challenge. I’m on a mission to realign my joy with my subconscious. Now I’m a pretty happy guy. I had testicular cancer a few years ago and it gave me a new lease on life. My two year check-up this past June was clean. Yeah! […]

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Realigning My Joy through My Subconscious – 30 Day Challenge


I’ve been thinking about how much I’ve reduced my complaining since my “No Complaining – 30 Day Challenge” and wondering what other parts of my life could use an adjustment. The subconscious is a great place to start. There are many hidden thoughts and ideas that lay only semi-dormant unless released. Did you know that […]

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You are Right Here

I was staring at my book shelf for I don’t know how long. Maybe 10 minutes. My mind was numb and I couldn’t get myself back on task. The shelf looked like it wanted to sit on me. Really. I felt like it wanted to grow legs, crawl on top of me and just sit […]

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Unlocking Your Superpowers to Advance Your Career


Have you ever felt stuck in your career? I was recently talking with a client and she told me, “There is just no room for improvement in my present career.” She felt handcuffed by her situation. I asked her, “So there isn’t a creative way you could improve your situation?” She paused. “Ah, um, well…” […]

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How to Improve Your Time Management Skills

I’m not actually a very big fan of the phrase “time management.” We all have the same amount of time. Some of us choose to write, others spend time with their kids, others watch movies, others go for jogs… There are an infinite amount of things to do with our time. We actively choose what […]

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