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5 Steps to Creating an Inspiring Workplace

Inspiring business quotes

If you’re ready to level up your superpowers, you may want to sign-up for my 7 Part free E-Course to a Happier and More Successful You or my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! She killed off our company’s monthly meeting. It was how she killed it that was her big mistake. And it was this […]

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What Really Makes You Feel Good About Your Work?

Stay connected to your why

Have you ever been pulled from a project or the project ended abruptly, leaving you feeling empty? It’s a terrible feeling. I was pulled from a big project I spent months of my time working on. Then the CEO wanted to put me in a different department. Just like that my work felt like it […]

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The Ultimate 3 Step Process to Help You Bounce Back from Career Failure

career failure

A few years ago something very difficult happened in my career. Now that I look back on it… It’s the best thing that ever happened to me. I wouldn’t wish career failure on anyone, but sometimes it can put things into perspective and give someone the kick-start they were afraid to do themselves. I was […]

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10 Unique Ways to Boost Your Happiness and Creativity

happy and relaxed with laptop

Let’s not pretend that happiness and creativity is something as easy to come by as taking a pill. There are no quick fixes, but that does not mean that there aren’t tools that you can use. A few weeks ago I was stuck in a rut, battling and a severe case of writer’s block. All creative […]

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10 Lessons to Help You Excel in Your Career in Your 30’s and Beyond

live your core values

I was drinking a beer with a friend who told me he never wanted to retire. He explained the benefits of not retiring, from reducing your risk of cancer and early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. A laugh popped out. “Hey, don’t laugh. I’m serious,” he said. “I’m not laughing at you. I feel the same way,” I […]

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5 Powerful Questions Every Boss Should Ask Herself

What can I do to bring more happiness to my employees?

There is one aspect of my work that makes me so amazingly happy I feel blessed to be doing what I’m doing. I think this is an overlooked part that we don’t see because we are so busy with our own lives and careers. We get to work with people who want to be happier. […]

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5 Proven Tips that Will Improve Your Productivity


I had just poured myself my third cup of coffee and I realized something very important. I remember because as I put the coffee to my lips I looked up at the clock. It was 11am on the dot. I had accomplished nothing at all. I rebooted my computer. I visited with a few friends. […]

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7 Ways to Treat Your Winter Blues (Seasonal Affect Disorder Emergency Kit)

winter blues

Forget everything you learned about surviving the winter blues. It’s not about the cold. It’s not about the snow. It’s not about money. I wish money could buy happiness. If I had my way, I’d boil a full pot of hot green tea, snuggle on the couch and hibernate all season long. That scenario, though, […]

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10 Habits of Brilliant Leaders

Zuckerberg quote

I recently shared a drink with a friend who runs a small company. He told me a secret that I’ve never heard him discuss before. He talked with me about his employees’ moods and how they can fluctuate in such a broad way, which really affects the quality of their work. “A few years ago […]

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9 Powerful Tips to Help You Ace Every Job Interview

job interview

Here’s an important point no one ever shares. You do not have to be the most qualified person applying for a job to get hired. You just have to be the person your interviewer likes for the job! Most managers hire for personality and passion, not your skill set. A lot of skills can be […]

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