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7 Tips Your Managers Could Use to Increase Employee Happiness and Productivity

Office feedback loop

If you’re ready to level up your superpowers, you may want to sign-up for my 7 Part free E-Course to a Happier and More Successful You or my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! If you could tell your manager just one thing he or she could improve on to make your workplace better for you […]

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How to Start a Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal

You want to be happier right? Good. Then let’s start with your mindset. I started this site in 2008, when I was struggling with my work happiness. I was having a particularly bad day because I was being forced to move offices. I really didn’t like this change because I enjoyed the co-workers that I […]

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How to Stop Office Negativity

Office Conversation

What do you think would happen if everyone in your office vowed to stop spreading negativity? Would it improve the communication in your office or maybe reduce the daily stress that you feel? The majority of your time is spent at work.  Regardless of whether you love your job, or whether it’s only a necessity […]

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How to Exercise Your Vital Powers to Reach Excellence


I was intrigued by the idea of microresolutions. It’s a great take on the concept of encouraging babysteps. Today, I bring you the smart and interesting Caroline Arnold who has a book out called Small Move Big Change, Using Microresolutions to Transform Your Life Permanently. Karl Staib: What is one task that annoys you? How […]

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4 Words You’ll Want to Use More Often in Your Career

Gratitude Changes Lives

Have you ever known someone whose presence is so uplifting you feel better just because you see or talk to him or her?  Someone who carries and spreads joy because of their love of life? I know someone like that.  His name is Jim Gray.  Mr. Gray lives in the building where I work.  His […]

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7 Pieces of Career Advice You Wished You Had Known Earlier

Whispering in ear

A career has many challenges hidden within it. The key is to focus on the parts that help you grow professionally and personally. One morning I was feeling very scattered. I went into work but I was totally checked out. I avoided work. It became a game. First I went to visit Tom. He always […]

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How to Create a Better Job for Yourself

Free Training Photo

This might mean that you must learn to get creative…or think outside the box…but you can use your current job to provide yourself with free training and new skills to beef up your resume in order to get a pay raise or better career position, or simply to enhance your present workplace and your relationships […]

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Small Steps Every Single Day


This site is a passion project that I love so much. I’ve helped thousands of people work happier and eventually I want to offer books, courses, etc., but not yet. I’ve tried a few things, but right now I’m offering speaking and workshops, not products. People need to know how important it is that they […]

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4 Steps to Conquer Self-Sabotage

Conquer Your Inner Fear

The habit of self-sabotage is both the cause and effect of low self-esteem. Not believing in your abilities, strengths, and talents can make you question your every move. Whenever you have fears of not being good enough, it plants thoughts of self-doubt and inadequacy, leaving you depleted of energy and robbing you of your momentum. […]

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Leaning On Old Relationships


(My aunt is on the left, my Amma is in the middle and my cousin is on the right.) I recently lost my grandmother and at first I didn’t think it would affect me like it has. She lived in Iceland to the beautiful age of 85. I have often thought that would be a […]

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