Karl Staib speaking

How would you feel if you could help people make a bigger impact at work?

If you want a speaker that will inspire people to unlock their superpowers then I can help. I tell stories from my own experiences that will help people connect with their own working lives. But I don’t just tell stories and leave. I also give actionable tools that they can start using right away.

I believe work happiness comes from within. It’s about encouraging people to take 100% control of their own work happiness. When they know that it’s up to each individual to make themselves happy they stop being pushed around by people and circumstances and start taking action to improve their relationships, work and life.

Here is clip from my presentation I did with Philips Global.

People are happy when they are:

  • Communicating well with others.
  • Willing to help each other.
  • Engaged in their work.

My Goals

I want your people to walk away with a better understanding of how they can unleash their superskills in their job as well as help people unleash other people’s superskills. Too often we focus on just our strengths and forget to step back and understand the larger picture. How we fit in with our work and the people around us.


A superskill is an action that you are passionate about, gets you in the zone and comes easy to you.

Everyone deserves to do work that they care about and work with good people. The only way that will happen is each person takes it upon themselves to create a happier and more productive workplace.

One Goal:

  1. Unlock Your Superpowers so you can be happier and more successful.


Your company has an opportunity to show your employees that you embrace a culture that promotes fun. When you do this, your employees will become more engaged and happier at work. I’ve worked for companies that were afraid to let people be their true selves, and it was awful. The employees were in a sour mood and this trickled down to the customers. Call me for a virtual Happy at Work seminar and watch how your people respond. They will learn to treat each other better, promote team work and become more productive. They won’t mind going that extra mile because they will recognize how important it is to pass on their happiness to the customer.

My Specialty: creating a fun session that gives your people actionable ideas that they can use today. I encourage attendees to think about the importance of treating each other with respect as well as giving the customer the type of happy service that makes them spread the word about your business.

“I would highly recommend it to my co-workers to check out his presentation. Especially to my colleagues who are administrators.”

- Katie Teitelman of Country Home Learning Center

Contact me at 512-963-0828, my contact page, or email me at karl (at) workhappynow.com



I love speaking to organizations about creating an environment that encourages happiness. Employees are happy when they can build positive relationships and enjoy the freedom to do great work. This can be achieved by improving communication, building processes that support employees, and allowing employees to improve the company. My specialty is: Every company wants employees who will be with them through thick and thin. The best way to create this attitude is to help someone develop  at work. That means helping people work on their personal growth, career development and emotional intelligence. This in turn will lead to positive results on the bottom line.

Seminars and Workshops

Leading a fun, interactive workshop with your organization is a great way to teach ideas that will last. I can’t stand workshops in which the speaker just talks to an audience who is barely listening. I make sure my workshops are filled with laughter, hands-on participation, and learning. I believe that people learn best when they are happy. I conduct one and two hour workshops that will help your people appreciate each other, improve their communication, and foster happiness that is passed on to the customer as well. My specialty is: Communication - Building strong relationships that encourage people to develop their potential to achieve the results that make them happy at work and excited for more.

“Karl presents easy – workable – applicable ways to attain happiness in the work place.”

- Ken Bartosh of Austin Diagnostic Clinic

Contact me at 512-963-0828, my contact page, or email me at karl (at) workhappynow.com

Karl Staib Speaking