What’s the Quickest Way to Irk a Co-Worker?

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Eileen Habelow and Randstad

Nothing can disrupt a productive day at the office like inconsiderate colleagues.  It seems no matter how hard we try, they always find ways – mostly unintentional – to disrupt your workday “mojo.”  While there are extreme cases of workplace irritation (back-stabbing, taking credit for other’s work), it’s the little, irritating habits of co-workers that seem to regularly get under our skin.  According to a recent Randstad Work Watch survey on workplace pet peeves, 43 percent of people are most annoyed with their co-workers’ poor time management skills.

In this current economic climate, we have all taken on more responsibility and have been asked to do more with fewer resources. So, it’s easy to understand why we would expect our colleagues to work efficiently, maximizing the time spent in the office each day.  The last thing anyone wants is to watch – or deal with – a neighbor in the next cubicle wasting valuable time on menial activities or struggling to complete assignments due to wasted or mismanaged time.
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9 Ways to Overcome Work Annoyances

annoyed-at-work-whn* I was afraid to publish this post because it may seem too simple for some of my advanced readers, but even my advanced work happiness people had to start somewhere. And yes, even advanced people need refreshers. So here it is.

Work has hundreds of little annoyances that can kill your happiness if you don’t create a system to deal with your problems.

Co-workers, bosses, and tedious tasks can throw us off our emotional center. We must find creative ways to deal with these issues.
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16 Difficult Office Situations and How to Deal With Them

office-dramaEditor’s note: Although some of these ideas may seem obvious, you are bound to find a helpful tip. This is a guest post from Katheryn Rivas

In order to maintain a high level of productivity, a positive work environment is absolutely essential. Although many aspects of the workplace are completely under your control, there will be occasions when you are essentially helpless, and the only control you have is how you REACT to a specific situation.

It is these occasions that typify what has been called “drama,” and by that, I mean the bad kind of drama.  While other types of drama–for example, the high school variety — can be fun in a guilty pleasure kind of way, nobody likes drama at work. It only causes problems and can eventually lead to you or someone else getting terminated. The following are 16 potential drama-causing work situations, and what you can do to effectively extinguish them.
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