A Pimped Out Cubicle

I’m a huge believer in making your space so freaking awesome that it makes you look forward to going to work. I’ve been scouring Flickr for a picture for the past couple of weeks, trying to find a seriously cool looking cubicle. I finally found it.

You should click on the image so you can see its larger version in all its awesomeness.

The reason I like this image so much is because it shows that…

1. The company is cool with allowing an employee to express his/her true self


2. This person has set up a second home, which means they are sticking around for a while.

The person that took this picture said, “This is where I spend a good portion of my week, so it has to be reasonably comfortable. ”

Yes! We need to feel comfortable to do great work.

Thanks Royal Sapien for taking this picture and posting it to Flickr.

One of my favorite business blogs is All Things Workplace by Steve Roesler.

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  1. Stephen - Rat Race Trap says:

    Karl, I am so glad that this person has chosen to make his or her cubicle into a home away from home. But WOW! That would be so distracting to me. I go for more minimalistic. Thanks!

  2. I guess this kind of office might work for some but for me… it is too noisy…

    I like this setup better:

  3. That is good to see, as both an employee and an employer. I’ve been in jobs where we weren’t allowed to do that and it really kills the atmosphere.

  4. Hi Peter, I like the photo you chose. I tend to decorate in the middle of both styles.

    Hi Stephen, a little too noisy for you. I hear ya. I don’t think I could have that much visual distraction in my office space either, but that’s what makes a company interesting – all its personalities.

    Hi Nathan, employers should let their employees express themselves. The atmosphere is more lively and fun.

  5. Hi Karl, this photo both thrilled and frightened me. LOL! Thrilled that the employer has created an environment where self expression is allowed to flourish and frightened that the employee spends so much time there. 🙂 Great photo and post and hopefully it will inspire other companies to inject personality into their work culture.

  6. You make a good point in this post.

    I think it’s great that the employer is fine with a personalized workspace and for the employee to have such imagination. My space, however, would be personalized also but in a minimalist sort of way!

  7. Now that just looks like a happy place.

    I really like when people deck their halls with all that jolly.

    I think it’s worth the effort to make anyplace you spend a bunch of time feel good.

  8. Good idea Karl. I can’t see clearly in the picture whether it is at the office or at home. 🙂
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Hi Karl: I clicked on the image and saw it in all of its awesomeness, as you suggested 🙂 That is one great work space, and I completely agree that a creative environment does wonders to get your creative juices flowing.

  10. Hi Karl,

    Awesome was to spice up the work environment! And the thing is, I’m guessing the person whose this is – they are more creative and productive in this setting. So, it’s a win-win.

  11. Hi Karen, I hope that other companies realize that self expression is an important part of company culture.

    Hi Laurie, that cubicle is a bit overwhelming. I’m with you. I like simplistic beauty.

    Hi J.D., I think it’s worth the time as well.

    Hi Arswino, it’s funny how homely the cubicle looks.

    Hi Marelisa, if I worked next to this guy I would feel like I needed to make my cubicle a little more personal. A company like that should have a cubicle award ceremony. I wonder if any company has an award ceremony. That would be cool.

    Hi Lance, it’s all about the win-win, making employees so freaking happy that they produce great results.

  12. Considering you’re in your office space 8 hours a day, it would be nice to personalize it. My company doesn’t allow personaling: no pictures, no gifts from clients, nothing that might make it seem a little more relaxed and friendly. Company propaganda only.
    Employer actually stated, I don’t care if my employees are happy or not.


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