How to Build Confidence at Work

What you do and how you do your work matters. If it didn’t, you wouldn’t care whether your job was done well. Since you care (most of you do), you probably try so hard sometimes that it can wreck your confidence if things don’t go the way you plan them. It’s up to each individual person to understand their strengths and not need to rely on other people to feel confident.

I still have moments of weakness, like most of you, but I always come back stronger. Every negative comment, weird look from a co-worker, or bad feeling can bring me down if I dwell on them. I just have to learn to separate people’s comments and actions from how I view myself.

Everyone has their own agenda, so one person’s comments might seem positive, but in reality they are negative. And vice versa. One of the best ways to build our own confidence is by helping other people become stronger and focusing on improving ourselves every single day.

No one is perfect, far from it, but we do have to enjoy the process. I enjoyed all 21 takes to get the right message across.


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  1. Love the video–thanks for the laugh and the reminder that “we are all confidence leaders”…

  2. I like the way you framed it.

    I think of reactions as input. I can choose whether to accept it, reject it, or find what is useful. At the end of the day, I measure against effectiveness.

  3. Hi Karl,
    Great message today. I think, even more so, in light of the difficult economic times some have faced- this message drives home the point that no matter what happens, if we have confidence in ourselves – it gives us the wings to soar.

    And I enjoyed, very much – the outtake up above! (as well as the “real” one at the top)

  4. I left my corporate job because of a CEO who was a monster. Called many of us into his office regularly first to tell us how great we are, in the next breath threatening to fire us, finally finishing with how great we are. I was also remprimanded for not responding immediately to an email he sent me on Thanksgiving day.


  5. What a wonderful post! Confidence at work is very important and I really love the way you’ve framed this piece. Thanks for showing the blooper too!

  6. Hi Karl: People who are constantly putting others down have serious self-esteem issues. I can’t believe the monkey comment from your boss. Your “breakdown” at 2:12 was funny šŸ™‚ And you’re absolutely right, we can’t let others destroy our self-confidence.

  7. Tom Volkar / Delightful Work says:

    Confidence is such a powerful attractor of all things good. Actually he called you less than a monkey the idiot. I bet you are a powerful coworker who empowers others. You’re right only the fearful act that stupidly.

  8. Frederik says:

    I’m glad you put take 16 .. put a smile onto my face.

    Sometimes people – like your boss when you came out of college – behave in a way that hurts others because they have issues .. but often times they don’t mean it and they will say something that wasn’t even meant to hurt.

    I think it’s important to keep that in mind and not judge them on the fact that their words were hurtful. Why? Because we might do the same without even knowing.

    We judge ourselves by our intentions but we judge others by their behavior

  9. Thanks for this video. It brought back memories of a very low-paying internship I had in college where a vice president or something would address me as “hey, you, what’s your name! Do this!” Ironically I don’t remember her name. Back then I felt angry about it, but today I get that she was just expressing the way she treats herself inside all the time — and it must be hell to live that way.

  10. Russell Isherwood says:

    Confidence controls the subconcious mindset which controls everything else, if you take the leaves of a tree to be a persons characteristics, then the confidence lies within the root of that tree.

    It’s no secret that the more successful a person is, the more confident that person is also. For instance if you can adopt confidence ( and i believe we’re all capable of enhancing this internal power ) then you will adopt success with it, as your success grows then so does your confidence, both feed each other and that is were the fruit blooms.

    Training your internal confidence is easier said than done and contains tapping the attributes of your personality. Be honest with yourself, find your low points and work on them, practice communcation with others and remain positive.

    Confidence does’nt come overnight, but it does come.