Feeling Comfortable in Your Skin

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I’ve repeatedly made the mistake of letting one problem bring me down. There are always 1,000 other things we can focus on.

Enjoying a difficult relationship at work is not easy, but when you are able to break down your happiness into smaller pieces, you will realize that one relationship shouldn’t dictate your happiness. You may have five other friends who treat you with respect, and these are the people who you should enjoy.

I’ve created this video to explore the pieces of my life that I can focus on when one small part of my life feels upsetting. Check out the video to learn more.


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  1. Letting one “problem” become our focus – this is easy to let happen. And really, that’s only a small part of who we are – with lots of “good” elsewhere within or part of us. While it can be important to address certain “problem” areas, that still doesn’t mean we have to become consumed by them (and we probably all have – I know I have). Great thoughts here today Karl…

  2. It’s a great reminder that you’re the director of your life and you can choose where to point the camera or where to add a little more light or where to fade to black.

  3. Stephen - Rat Race Trap says:

    Karl, breaking it down into separate pieces is a great idea. We focus on the negative and ignore the positive. Fantastic perspective. Thanks 🙂

  4. Hi Lance, you’ve said in one paragraph what took me two minutes via video.

    Hi J.D., once again very well said. It’s all in how we manage our lenses.

    Hi Stephen, when we break down our problems they are easier to handle.

  5. Thanks for this — I really enjoy your delivery and sense of humor.

  6. Rama Krishna says:

    Yes, I agree with your balancing of emotions concept…how true and how easy to ignore. Thanks for the reminder.