Have Fun and Be Weird

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Too many of us get caught up in what our co-workers think of us, instead of letting loose and being a little weird. Zappos has ten values in place, one of which is “Create fun and be a little weird.” Otherwise you’ll be a tight, stressed out co-worker who has trouble having fun at work.

And if we try too hard to fit in, all we are doing is making ourselves feel like the black sheep of the group. You need to let the real you out.

That means expressing your true nature. Because once you can be the real you around everyone at work, the rest is easy.


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  1. Right on, man! Freaks Unite!

    Seriously though, I agree 100%. We’re all weird in our own way, but it is the companies that allow individuals to express themselves and make work fun, and sometimes weird, that will get the most our of their employees. Also by letting people be themselves, their talents are more visible.

    I actually just put a post on the BlogCatalog blog today about a similar subject. I wrote abut the importance of being genuine and how it helps to build trust, especially in online relationships. I also included a little exercise I thought up to help people get in touch with their true self because I think a lot of people have trouble with it, even though it should be one of the simplest things for us to do.

  2. There’s a lot to be said for finding a fit vs. trying to blend in. If you have to change yourself too much to fit a mold, then it’s probably more limiting than enabling. A healthier approach is being yourself and finding a better fit. I think the key is to find good fits based on values, and not get thrown off by style differences. Value conflict are more of an issue, while style conflicts are really more just about working them out.

  3. jessica Medina says:

    I think some people have a hard time being themselves because so often we were told, behave this way, don’t do that, do this, say that, no don’t say that to him, sit still, don’t talk. Personally I think the confusion of not knowing how to act started at a young age and now people go to work like drones.

    I like your post but what do you do when you’re being a little quirky and you get a look from a coworker that reads, “what is wrong with you?”, followed by a dissapproving nod.

  4. Excellent! We need to just let go and be ourselves. If more people did this, we’d have a much more enjoyable work experience and be able to celebrate ourselves and our work place a lot more!

  5. Hi Jason, Yes! Freaks Unite. When we really look at ourselves and see how unique we are and yet still the same, we can all accept each other. We are all freaks, so we should all unite. 🙂

    Hi J.D., you are one smart cookie. I always enjoy your comments. Values are extremely important. You can’t be happy vegetarian/animal lover while working in an animal slaughter house.

    Hi Jessica, I believe that you can’t take it personally. They are judging you because they can’t accept you. Instead of fighting them or trying to befriend them, just do what makes you feel good and forget what those people think of you. I know this is hard to do. I still struggle with this myself, but keep practicing and you’ll get better and better at letting those looks go and just being you.

    Hi Positively Present, work is all about how much cool work we can do and enjoying the process. Then celebrating the results.

  6. jessica Medina says:

    You right! Those people have a low tolerance for a variety of personalities, what a shame, they’re missing out on growing as a person by choosing not to embrace differences.

  7. He, he, he. I’ve always been a little weird, and I think it helps me to come up with creative ideas. That’s great that Zappos promotes weirdness in the workplace. 🙂

  8. i also agree with you. you said right that some people have low tolerance for a variety of personalities. its not good for them. we enjoy on our work place and also done our work. and we are happy there.

  9. Hi Jessica, good point. People do miss out since they are too busy hating instead of enjoying.

    Hi Marelisa, weirdness definitely supports creativity. That’s why Zappos is so good at making money.

    Hi Cemetery Monuments, a wide range of personalities keeps things fresh. If too many people within a company think the same, it will eventually fail.

  10. Stephen - Rat Race Trap says:

    Karl, this is one thing I don’t have a problem with. I’m weird as hell and I don’t hide it. People are always letting out gasps at my antics and at the same time wonder why they never get noticed. Great stuff!

  11. Hi Karl — thanks for this, this seems like a very important practice. It’s so much effort trying to be a different person in addition to doing your work that it’s no wonder so many of us don’t want to get out of bed in the morning on weekdays.