12 Prayers You Can Use to Boost Your Career

pray-before-workDo you pray before work?

I’m not sure how many of you believe in a higher power, but for those of you who do, you may want to make praying a daily habit.

I’m a very spiritual person, but not a religious person. I was raised Lutheran, self-taught Buddhist, Yogi, and mix in a few others and I’ve kind of developed my own spiritual practice. Lately I’ve been getting up a half hour earlier and practicing Yoga by candle light. It’s a totally awesome wake up experience when I can find the energy to do it.

After I’m done my Yoga practice I take two minutes to pray. It’s been a huge boost to my happiness and my productivity. My interactions with friends, family and strangers has been much more pleasant.


I believe everything is tied together and that string is God. The energy is transferred back and forth with all things. It’s why I believe in the Law of Attraction. The thoughts, feelings and actions that we put out there come back to us. It’s like the whole Karma concept, but on a spiritual level.

Lately I’ve been seeing the Law of Attraction in full force.

Each morning I’ve been putting in my morning prayer. I’m asking the Universe for the things that I want to see in my world.

It’s working.

More Laughter

Lately I’ve been wanting to see more laughter in my day. I feel like I’ve been too serious. By sending out this prayer, I’m directing myself to seek out this feeling.

The first morning I prayed for more laughter, so I got on a call with a client that morning and we started off our usual talk and my client told me a story of how she owned up to a mistake by making a song out of it. She actually sang me a little piece of it and I couldn’t stop laughing. It was awesome.

I’m not sure I would have laughed so hard if I hadn’t prayed for more laughter. Prayer really is very similar to the LoA. We attract what we want out of life.

Why Prayer Works

Meditative states and contemplation bring on healing influences to the body. It lowers blood pressure, which helps the heart pump easier. This alone is worth your effort.

Add on top of that the mental focus that occurs from prayer and you have a double scoop of positivity. When you send out a desire (prayer) you are asking the universe (which includes you) to find a way to make it a reality. Sometimes it takes hours or years, but if the desire is strong enough eventually the prayer becomes a reality in some form.

The desire turns into action because you can’t resist acting on this passion. I have a friend who so desperately wanted to become a great singer. He practiced, watched, and listened to everything that had to with learning how to sing. He now has his own band and sings every weekend. When I first heard him sing he was terrible, but his desire to be great overrode any fear of failure.

You have the same tools at your disposal. If you want a better career, how are you developing that desire? If you want to learn how to improve your writing how are you developing this desire?

This is where prayer comes in. You can use prayer to increase that desire, so you take action.

I wrote down some of the prayers that have been effective for me.

12 prayers you can use before work:

Some of the things you can pray for before you start my day:

1. I hope to connect with some amazing people who are willing to laugh and smile freely.

2. I would like a small business owner to call me up, begging for my help.

3. The universe will help me keep my stress level low.

4. I will reach out to someone new, someone who needs my superpowers.

5. I pray that when I give a presentation that people connect with my content. So much so that they want to come up after the talk and shake my hand.

6. I imagine that everyone who sees me smiles at me and I smile back.

7. I will take time to appreciate 5 beautiful things in the office before I start my workday.

8. I hope that you will connect with people on a very deep level and we take the time to appreciate each other’s passions, hopes and fears.

9. I think about all the love from friends and family that is in my life. I know that without them I wouldn’t have half the strength without them.

10. I visualize helping 10 people improve their lives. It can be through a kind comment or a small prayer that I silently give them as they are in my presence.

11. When I’m feeling stressed out I will laugh at how serious I’m taking life. I know that I can get overwhelmed if I don’t find some levity in my work.

12. I pray that when I hit a creative wall that I will relax with the obstacle instead of being a big bully to myself. I will encourage myself to find 3 solutions then meditate on them for 10 minutes until the best one bubbles to the surface.

Notice all of the prayers are in a very positive and reassuring pattern. You can’t pray for less hate. You have to pray for the type of life that you want your existence to be.

Setting Your Intention

Yoga teachers talk about setting an intention before you start your routine. If your intention is to relax during the hour of stretching, you’ll be more focused on relaxing. If your intention is to become more flexible then you’ll be looking to bring this into each pose.

You are creating the experience that you want to happen.

Prayer is another way of setting your intention for the day. When you ask for certain things to come in to your life you’ll find that subconsciously you’ll be finding ways to make this happen.

It really is a beautiful process if you believe in it.

How to Pray

I don’t believe that a person has to pray in a church or in a certain fashion for prayer to work. Prayer can be done is an infinite amount of ways.

I usually pray by bowing my head. That’s it. I do this because it makes me feel humble before the universe. This isn’t me feeling small. It’s a way for me to let the universe be as it is.

You can pray by clasping your hands or in a religious building or a quick bow of the head before you leave for work. The idea is to slow down and send out a positive thought into the universe.

I find that my prayers help guide my actions. The more that I open up to the possibility of creating the type of interactions that I want from other people the more likely they are to happen.

Your Turn

What is one prayer that you could create for yourself before you start your day?

How could you try saying your prayer every morning for 30 days?

Then come back here and tell me all about it.

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* Sarah Robinson of Escape Mediocrity wrote a post about using the whole body to take action. We might be able to mentally understand that we need to act on a solution, but we physically need to be in the right emotional spot too.

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  1. My favorite prayer is, “Let me always remember that everything happens for a reason, even if it makes me want to run screaming to the beachfront in search of a short pier so I can take a long walk.”

    My life’s experiences, luckily, have gone a loong way to showing me that every disaster contains the seeds to future success. It’s an idea I’m passing on to my kids.

  2. I get my game on by reaching inside and asking, “Today, how can I be more of who I want to be … and create the experiences I want to create?”

  3. Hi Karl,

    I take a slightly different perspective on prayer and connecting with the Divine (however you understand or visualize her/him/them/it). I don’t see it as a process of sending out a wish list for what I want. I see it as a means of reconnecting with and maintaining my personal relationship with the Divine.

    I’ll ask for guidance or help in finding or cultivating within myself whatever qualities I need to respond effectively to a situation. I also ask to be open to what wants to come through me from my higher self or the Divine and out into the world to serve the highest good. It’s about giving as well as receiving.

    • Hi Sue, I agree. I don’t just use prayer to ask for something. I use prayer to steer my thoughts, emotions and actions to create a more positive experience.

      Prayer is a great way to connect deeper with yourself and the environment around you.

  4. I pray to remember that although everything isn’t good, God works all things together for good.

  5. Hi Karl — my current form of prayer is nonverbal and doesn’t involve making requests, but I think the idea is basically the same as what you talk about here — the humility part definitely resonated with me, as it’s something I often need to keep in mind. 🙂

  6. Karl,
    I love this article. It is extremely timely for me. Prayer and the law of attraction have always been big parts of my life. Lately I have not been giving them the attention that I want to and as a result I have been feeling like I am wandering around. Thanks for the reminder.

  7. I love this post. I have been doing this for the last year now and it works great for me. It not only has helped me as an individual but it has also helped with my interactions with others. I pray to be a positive influence on others people’s life and it has made me a better person in general. My interactions with people have been better and I have learned how to better relate to others.


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