Why Feeling Grateful Will Boost Your Career

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One of the most important tools I’ve used to improve my life and my career is a very simple tool. It has transformed my thinking as well as my results.

I grown two businesses while taking care of my 1 year old son.

The tool is…

Gratitude Journal

Practicing gratitude at every chance I can get is one of the main keys to my success.

“Success is finding satisfaction in giving a little more than you take.” Christopher Reeve

Its taking me years of practice.

Before I started Work Happy Now I was miserable at every single job I had. I worried about what other people thought of me. I fretted about making more money. I whined about how boring my job was.

Then I made a step toward a happier career.

My Challenge

I created a 30 Day No Complaining Challenge. This kick started my career.

Instead of whining I started finding little joys in my work. Each thought build upon the next.

As I steered my thoughts away from complaining and focused on a more positive outlook I found it easier to stay productive. The more productive I was the more my boss noticed my hard work.

I remember one particular day I had an idea about how to go to local high schools to help with financial literacy to bring in younger customers. A actually had the same thought a couple of years earlier, but dismissed it as an ideas that would be shot down by my boss.

This time around I focused on being more grateful for my work and when I did get shot down I waited a few weeks and tried again. The second time I approached my boss I was a little more prepared and he said “Yes.”

Passion Project

Now I had a passion project to help me level up my career.

Learn how I did it in my guide that I created to help people unlock more passion in their career.

It’s this project that helped me figure out how to create something to help you find your own passion projects at work to boost your career.

Because I was more grateful I found creative ways to keep my attitude positive and find work that got me excited.

This took years for me to improve.

I kept a gratitude journal, but I was very sporadic.

I wished someone had helped me with improving how I practiced gratitude when I struggled in my career.

I wanted something to help me be more consistent with how I practice my gratitude.

So I decided to create it.

My Gift to You

On average it takes about 30 days to develop a habit. It takes that long to get the synapsis in your brain close enough, so it’s easier to access these positive thoughts.

The more I practiced the easier it got.

I created the 30 Day Gratitude Course to help you develop the gratitude habit to help you with your career.

The free 30 Day email course works well for:

  1. Leaders who want to recharge their career.
  2. People who want to be more positive at work.
  3. People who want to bring more passion to their work.

The cool part is you also get the 5 Tools that Top Professionals Use to Improve Their Careers. Just click here to join the 30 Day Gratitude Course.

Here is an example email that you will be receiving:

Gratitude Email

Your Turn

What tools do you use to stay motivated to do your work?


  1. Liked the post.

    Gratitude is what alot of people are missing when they’re trying to get ahead, or become more successful. Most of the time it’s just about getting more, getting somewhere else.

    And in such cases alot of people forget how far they’ve actually come, and also where they’ve come from. Always striving for more, for better, for greater will leave people unsatisfied and unfulfilled.

    Taking a minute to sit back and be grateful for what you’ve already got in your life, can be liberating from a sometimes overwhelming life.

    I’ve once tried a 30 day no-complaining challenge, didn’t get past day 2, haha.