4 Proven Techniques to Grow Your Greatest Asset



Some time ago I wasn’t confident in myself, didn’t have a clear vision of what I wanted in life and I wasn’t moving forward. I was constantly feeling insecure, had doubts and fears, and these prevented me from taking action.

I was also seeking happiness from external sources, trying to go after many things at once (the wrong approach!) and do what others expected me to do (to be accepted and liked).

But all that led to unhappiness. Nothing really felt right no matter how much I followed conventional wisdom. I was investing time in all these little struggles when in fact I should have been fixing my relationship with myself.

Because I am my biggest asset.

And I realized that the only way to build wealth and live a happy and meaningful life is to keep learning and growing spiritually.

That was a big realization. And a much needed one. Once I asked myself what I really wanted, kept my why in mind, stopped listening to others and connected with my inner self instead – great changes started happening in every area of my life.

So if you’ve been neglecting yourself in some way and wonder why you’re not living a better life, here are some ideas to keep in mind:

1. Understand that you are your biggest asset

Be aware of the powers within you first. That simple thought will keep you motivated and consistent on your journey to personal development. It will also give you the confidence you need to take action, without listening to the naysayers. Remember to visualize your success.

If you think about it, all this makes things so much easier. I, like many others, was trying to find assets in outer things in life. I felt under pressure, struggle and disappointment because of the lack of progress. All this because I was looking in the wrong place.

All the answers were inside me. And yours too can be found deep within.

All we need is already here. We just need to get clear about it and go after it.

2. Start doing work you’re passionate about

One of the greatest ways to find contentment, contribute to the world and be productive, is to do work that matters, work we’re passionate about and work we are already good at.

That’s why defining your passion is a crucial step to greatness. It’s what will turn your life around once you find and follow it.

However, many people aren’t sure what that is, don’t know where to look, or are convinced that they don’t have a passion.

Don’t worry, we are all passionate about at least one thing and our passion has already found us. We just need to see it between the distractions in daily life.

Analyze how you spend your time daily. See what topic you love talking about and what you can be doing for hours without getting exhausted. Look for signs of enthusiasm and increased energy and focus when you’re doing a particular thing.

Your passion doesn’t need to be obvious, like painting or writing. It can be the way you do things – maybe you like to teach others or give advice, or make their life easier in some way.

Whatever it is, your path will be a lot clearer once you define what you love doing. Then, your job will be to follow it and find a way to turn it into your career.

3. Improve your focus

Productivity is the ability to fully engage in one activity and get it done in a shorter period of time. That’s a skill that can be learned and improved over time. It’s really powerful as it saves us time and guarantees quality results.

So take small steps daily towards finding focus.

Here are some habits to develop:

  1. Do one thing at a time – stop multitasking.
  2. Eliminate distractions you can control – tell people not to bother you while you’re working, put your phone away, don’t indulge in emails and social media in that time and let go of random thoughts about the past and future. Just be present.
  3. Find your most productive time – for everyone that’s a different part of the day. Defining and making the most of yours will double your productivity.
  4. Say NO to more things.

If you find what you love doing the most, and wake up an hour earlier every day, for example, just to do some focused work on an idea connected to your passion project, you’ll soon get closer to leaving your job because of it. Big things start small. If you hustle on the side first, results and opportunities will come pretty soon.

4. Grow your strengths

One of the mistakes I made was concentrating on trying to fix my weaknesses.

Big mistake on my part!

Don’t be like me.

Instead, spend time getting better at what you’re already good at. That’s a great investment with a lot of potential.

Everyone has weaknesses. But it’s pointless to try to turn them into something useful, while we can get better and faster results growing our strengths.

So define what you’re good at and go master it.

Following the advice above will lead to other amazing changes too.

You’ll be a better leader by becoming the best version of yourself and become a role model to others.

You’ll contribute to the world by doing your best work. This will be your legacy too.

In time, you’ll feel so good about yourself knowing you’re growing your biggest asset and seeing all these results both on the inside and in your life. That will create happiness and confidence within yourself.

Eventually, you’ll build wealth, live happier, and build great relationships. And that won’t happen by taking something from others. Just the opposite. You’ll use your own resources and constantly be on the grow.

So what about you? What step can you take today towards growing your biggest asset?

Sarah Williams is a Berlin based lifestyle blogger, passionate about self-development. She believes that true happiness stems from controlling your body with your mind and maintaining happy relationships. Sarah shares her thoughts at Wingman Magazine.


  1. Couldn’t agree more, Zara. Living is an art that needs to be perfected, and you have elaborated it beautifully here. Thanks for the great post! 🙂