Gratitude Matters

Showing people that you appreciate them is one of the greatest communication tools that we have in the workplace. It’s one that is possibly most underutilized tools to improve productivity at work.

As leaders we think because people are getting paid to do the work and that thanking them and complimenting them on their hard work shouldn’t be a big deal, but it is.

Here is a story from my new book called Bring Gratitude:

“I’m so lucky to have Mark on my team,” my coworker Amy told me. “His attention to detail is off the charts.”

I also like Mark. He’s a good guy.

Amy’s compliment made me feel good for Mark.

Surprisingly, Amy’s compliment also made me feel good about Amy. When she shared her gratitude for Mark, I appreciated her a bit more. I wanted to help her more than I already was, so she would be grateful for me too.

After our conversation, I did a little research. I wanted to know why Amy’s compliment made me feel good about her.

I found out that when someone gives a genuine compliment to a teammate, like Amy did, then we tend to respect the person who gave it. This is a great way to show gratitude because it creates a win-win, benefiting everyone involved.

Who knew that bringing gratitude to work could help your career?

After writing this story it really sank in.

There is something powerful about writing down how you want to act in life. In this case I wanted to do a better job of thanking people. Not taking people for granted like I feel like my father had done when he was alive.

That’s why I started keeping a Gratitude Journal a few years ago. It’s one of my top 5 tools that I used to become more productive. You can get the 5 tools to 31% More Productivity over at Bring Gratitude.

I wanted to encourage myself to be more grateful and I became more productive in the process. It was the spark that I believe planted the seed for my new book Bring Gratitude. It was the spark that I believe planted the seed for my new book Bring Gratitude. My new book will be available on Amazon in less than a week.

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