It’s Alive!

I looked on Amazon and couldn’t believe my eyes.

There it was.

Right there for anyone to buy.

My book is ready to make an impact.

Now the hard part begins.

Actually selling the book.

Marketing the book is fun part of a project, but it can also be overwhelming too.

There are a thousand ways to seek a book now from social media to non digital ways.

Where do you start?

I’m going to start with an outreach campaign like this one. Messaging people and convincing them to buy the book because it will change their lives.

Isn’t that what every author does?

My goal is to convince you to spend $15 on the book because the stories will show you how simple changes can change how productive you are. You can be 31% more productive if you have more positive and resilient mindset.

When you are grateful you are able to bring more positivity into your relationships. This mindset enhancement will help your career. That’s when you can see the effects happen.

I wrote the book because I was struggling with the loss of my father. One of my best friends and biggest supporter.

He had his faults. His negativity could really bring me down. I wanted to make sure I didn’t become that grumpy old man that struggled to be grateful for the simple things in my life.

Here is the first story in the book:

I walked into my father’s room in the ICU.

My father was hooked up to monitors and IVs.

He looked bloated, tired, and depressed. It was shocking to see the man who had always been so tough and strong looking so weak.

This man used to smash wasps with his bare hands. Wasp stings never phased him. I thought he was the strongest father ever.

Crazy and strong.

It was my first chance to visit since he went into the hospital. I flew home because my mom wasn’t sure how much longer he would live. He had been trapped by the IVs and monitors for four weeks while the doctors tried to figure out what was attacking his body, already weakened by MDS (a form of cancer).

The doctors seemed confident they would be able to help him.

As we were leaving his room to go for a walk, I asked him what he wanted us to buy for him.

He said an orange.

It caught me by surprise. When I was growing up, he drank lots of coffee and beer. He loved a good burger. I would never have guessed he would choose such a simple gift.

As my brother and I waited for the elevator, I joked with him that Dad should have asked for a Lamborghini. He gave me a weak smile. Neither of us was in a good mood.

When we came back from our walk, I handed my father the orange. He was exhausted from a raging fever, little sleep, and constant interruptions by the doctors and nurses. Yet he still managed to smile from ear to ear when he saw the orange in my hand. Tears welled up in my eyes, and I cried.

The simple joy of receiving an orange made him feel so happy. I’m sure it was because of how trapped he had been feeling. He hadn’t eaten an orange in weeks.

Simple joys in daily life matter more than the big things because they occur so much more often.

We don’t need big wins in life to feel happy. Small daily wins keep our mindsets strong and make it easier to appreciate the big wins.

I realized I needed to open up my gratitude to the small things.

Bust the gratitude door wide open.

This was the hardest story for me to write. The rest of the stories flowed much easier.

I learned so much from this intense focus on gratitude. I want to share this with you.

My main goal is to help you bring more gratitude into your life so you can be more resilient and 31% more productive.

If you are one of the first 5 people to buy the book and review it on Amazon I will give you a free Bring Gratitude strategy session to help you bring back the energy into your career and get that promotion that you deserve.

I charge $300 per session, so if I was you I’d jump at his opportunity. 🙂

You’ll also get a personal thank you video from me so I can show you my appreciation.

All I ask is that you send me your purchase number so I can verify your purchase. You can do that on this Bring Gratitude page (Link to the book on Amazon is there too). Please be honest in your review. I want to learn and use this book to improve my next one.

I’ve also created a private Facebook page for anyone who buys the book, so you can be on the ground floor of this movement. I want all of us to lift each other to new heights at work and at home.

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