I Miss Your Bad Jokes When…


When you work with someone who annoys you, they can seem devastatingly awful. So awful that it can send you into a depression. Trust me – – it has happened to me.

Maybe it’s an annoying client who won’t stop emailing you, a co-worker who loves to click his pen all day long, or a boss who puts way too much work on your desk.
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Focus on Fewer Things with Better Results – cartoon

I’m a big believer in creativity at work. We need to expand outside our comfort zones to reach the good stuff. That’s why I draw. It forces me to find new angles on work happiness. How do you find new angles?


Too often we get caught up in trying to be amazing instead of just letting our amazing ooze out.
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Heart or Fear – Cartoon

I’m a big believer in creativity at work. We need to expand outside our comfort zones to reach the good stuff. That’s why I draw. It forces me to find new angles on work happiness. How do you find new angles?


There are thousands of choices that we make in a day, consciously and unconsciously, but they usually boil down to two emotions.




We usually choose the safe. At least I do, but I do have my good days when the fear doesn’t seem so strong and I go with my heart.

In those magical moments, I know that I have potential to do great work. When the courage wears off, I cling to the joy that my courage overwhelmed my fear.

I’ve been working on leading with my heart. It’s not easy, but so worth it when I do.

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* Michael of Do More Great Work created a video post of his office space. It’s called My Great Work office. My favorite part is his productivity system. I need one of those.

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Love the Pain – Cartoon


Lately I’ve been thinking of the pain that I’ve been through at all my jobs. From co-workers to bosses to tedious tasks. Each experience has helped create me.

There are some days where I miss standing for 8 hours a day checking people’s items out at K-mart. It was a job that wasn’t suited to me at all, but I miss the relationship building that I practiced.
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What About Me – Cartoon


We can’t forget about our own needs. The only way we will be truly happy is if we express our needs to the people in our lives. If they don’t know how to help us become happy then they will never even care to do so.
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Stop Pushing to Finish One More Email – Cartoon


Trying to get our work done early so we can get home to our families is a part of the holidays.

Remember that your next email will be waiting for you when you get back.

Have a merry christmas and a happy new year!

Thank you for being you and reading this blog. Without you I wouldn’t be this happy.
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My Whip My Rules – Cartoon


Sometimes we just want people to relax and enjoy the show. They take things so seriously.
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Yelling Only Makes Your Mustache Look Uglier – Cartoon


This one speaks for itself.

I will say that I used to work for a boss that loved to yell. He actually did have a mustache.

I tried a voodoo doll, but that never helped.

Business Karma came back on him though. I’m not happy that it did, but I’m not upset that it did either. 🙂
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I Can Solve Your Problems – Cartoon


Sometimes I just want this magic thing to solve my problems.

But I know nothing can just whisk my troubles away. That’s why I drew this cartoon. To remind me…

We all have pain.

We can’t escape it.

Some of us feel weighted down by depression. Others of us have bum knees. And many others have bosses that only care about themselves.

The alternative is death.

I’ll take the pain for all it offers.
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