Guest Posting Over at The Bold Life

tess-295x300Tess is a dear friend who has taught me a lot about blogging and building community. I’m always amazed by how many comments she gets on her posts.

I love how she starts each blog post:

Warning! My blog will challenge you to be more, give more, live fearlessly, take more chances and show up in the world unstoppable, daring and bold.

Her about page is also interesting. She chronicles her struggles to show you that she has chosen a bold life for a reason.

Here is a little excerpt from this page.

Our continuous bold action to make good things happen is why we have been so successful. Currently I work as an affordable coach. I started The Bold Life because I wanted to share the knowledge and power of bold living. We all make choices in our lives that either hold us back or keep us growing forward. We all have the opportunity to take bold action and make our dreams happen.

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Save Money and Boost Energy at Work

raw-red-pepper-mealThis is a guest post by Nathalie Lussier of The Raw Foods Witch

Do you feel tired, unnecessarily distracted, or just frustrated at work? What if it were possible to change the way you feel about your work by changing the way your body operates at work. The premise is that by eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, you’re going to experience positive results at work.

The concept of raw food may appear daunting at first, but it’s one of the simplest ways of eating for health. Everyone knows that fresh fruits and vegetables are good for you, and raw food just takes that to the next level by recommending a diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds that have not been heated above 112F.(Karl’s Note: Nathalie explains why you shouldn’t cook food about 112F on her site, “The reason being that food heated above 112 Fahrenheit loses some of its digestive enzymes.”)

The concept of raw is so powerful because it eliminates certain foods that are bad for your health, such as processed sugar and starch. Here are 5 good reasons why you might want to eat a raw food diet until dinner, and that includes eating raw at work.
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Use Your Time Off

(Can’t see the video? Then try watching it at Work Happy Now)

Your time off from work is probably underutilized. You may use it to run errands or tie up loose ends, but you should be using it for your mental and physical health. A stressed out you won’t be happy and productive at work if you aren’t in a balanced state.

This video post talks about the importance of using your time off to its full advantage.
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What do I do if I’m unhappy at Work?

Every person becomes unhappy at work at some time or another. It’s the natural emotional ebb and flow of being human. Even the best job has its problems.

You probably have certain expectations that can’t be met. These expectations must be emotionally bridged or you will constantly be grasping for unattainable happiness.

This article is not about settling for a crappy job. That’s the furthest thing from my mind. I believe you need to use your superpowers at work so you can optimize our present happiness while planning your most rewarding future.

Superpowers are actions that excite you, get you in the zone, and play to your strengths. If you aren’t using your superpowers at work you are missing out on doing meaningful work that will engage every part of your mind.

First you must allow yourself to feel and understand your present situation. A good scream or a good cry can cleanse the mind. It all depends on the person. When you allow yourself to feel the emotion that is blocking you from moving on, then you can accept your current situation.

After accepting this emotion, you have limitless ability to learn from this process.

The only way to understand what type of work will bring you the most happiness in the future is to understand your present self. That means dealing with your emotions and building internal tools.

Learn to watch your emotions when they occur, then create a plan that will help you explore and encourage personal growth. Some of this may be painful, but believe me it’s a good pain. It’s this pain that will help make you smarter and emotionally stronger. I don’t mean stronger as in more stoic. I define emotional strength as the ability to process emotions and bring the mind back into balance.

After studying videos, articles, myself, and my co-workers, I’ve put together a list of 8 tasks that will help you work happier.

  1. Find meaning.
  2. Become more aware of self-talk.
  3. Don’t take interactions personally.
  4. Help someone else become happy.
  5. Remember 3 good things.
  6. Utilize Smart Breaks.
  7. Speak up and take Action.
  8. Use More of Your Strengths.

These are concepts that are easy to understand, but may be hard to implement. You’ll need to practice these to make sure they become a part of you. I’ll break them down so you can apply them to your working life.

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The Beta launch of the Happy at Work Project

If I was a betting man I would put up $10,000 that everyone has a friend who hates his or her job. I would win every time because I know you all know someone who bitches and complains about their job and does nothing to bring more joy into their working life.

That’s why I’m launching the BETA program of The Happy at Work Project. I want to help people who hate their jobs as well as people who put up with their “ok” jobs.

“OK” and “Hate” – Two Terrible Words

People who hate their jobs need to find a way to accept or change their circumstances. The only way they will actually do this is if they understand what they truly want out of their careers.

People who have just an “ok” job but don’t get excited about the work they are doing need to figure out what makes them feel energized and how to do more of this type of work.

I don’t believe in coasting. Sure, if you want to stay where you are then that’s your prerogative. This project is not for you.

But if you want to build a career that is going to take your happiness to the next level then the “Happy at Work Project” is your cup of “wake up and have fun” coffee.

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A Work Happy Now Interview on Let It Flow

An interview is a wonderful way of understanding what you believe. You can’t prepare for random questions; you just have to say the first thing that pops in your head. Most of the time. We can’t say everything. Stacey of Let It Flow asked me some very interesting questions, so check out the half hour interview and listen to what we talked about.

Podcast Wednesday: Interview with Karl Staib of Work Happy Now

My favorite technique of Stacey’s was her ability to ask follow up questions that dug deeper into the subject of work happiness. There are millions of staged interviews, but they are always boring. Always! The best ones are when the conversation flows naturally. 
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Wonderful Reader Comment

I love my readers. They always have such passion for working happier. One commenter wrote a response to – How You are Silently Signaling Your Co-Workers to Treat You. Check out what this reader is struggling with:

Ever since I was a kid, people have considered me to be “weird.” (Karl’s Note: We are all weird, some of us are just better at hiding it.) I have a very hard time connecting with people. The reality is that I love being alone. I love to write and read–watch birds…stare at the night sky. I have a rich imagination–and can entertain myself with my thoughts alone. I fantasize about moving to a little town where no one knows me, buying a little house, and not having to work…I’m not rich, I’m married, have children, and work with a group of people who ignore and avoid me. I’m pretty invisible. Then when I have to work with my team–it is a nightmare for me. No one listens to me, or they tell me my idea won’t work, then later someone else brings it up…and it is the greatest idea ever! I think I read somewhere that that means you’re the person with the lowest status in the group.

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The Work Buzz

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We are working in the right direction when we get those body tingles. You know what I’m talking about – those natural chemicals that shoot through your body saying, “Yeah, that’s how you do it.”
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How Does Google Create a Great Atmosphere?

Google has taken great pains to create an atmosphere that promotes fun, creativity and accomplishing audacious goals. They do this because they understand people’s needs. People need to work in a place that cares about them.

Google shows they care in many ways. Their perks include:

  • 11 free gourmet cafeterias
  • Employee lounges
  • Massage services
  • Free laundry and dry cleaning
  • Oil change service
  • Personal concierge to place dinner reservations
  • Weekly TGIF Parties
  • Top quality speakers visiting on a regular basis

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55 Reasons to Subscribe to Work Happy Now

You should never have to struggle to enjoy a job because there are so many tools that you can apply. It just takes a little practice, emotional intelligence, and some friends to make it happen. Work Happy Now is all about “knowing yourself.” When you know what you want from your job, you can collaborate with the community at WHN to support and encourage your work happiness.

I’ve made a list of 55 reasons to join the Work Happy Now community through email or your RSS reader*. One of these 55 reasons will compel you to join up and start working happier right now. If not, then maybe you just aren’t ready for all this interesting content. 

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