Live the Life You Want – Art of Nonconformity Book Review

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How Your Company Can Bring the Fun Back

lego-jailWe’re afraid of having fun because we might get caught by our boss. The dreaded Fired hangs over us like a dark cloud. So we quietly go about our work trying to stay under the radar.

The problem with this method of working is that our confidence takes a hit. We don’t always make choices that best fit the situation, because if the choice scares us then we avoid it. Living this way puts us in a state of lack instead of abundance.

Most of us were raised to stay under the radar. We got negative attention for being bad. When we did something good there was no fanfare because it’s what we were supposed to be doing.

Much of the corporate world works this way too. The people who get promoted are the ones who do the least damage to the company. That’s no way to reward an employee who has the courage to try something new and they fail.

We need to build a culture that accepts mistakes especially if an employee puts their neck on the line. When people are encouraged to take risks, they will be more likely to accomplish projects that will succeed big.
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A Pimped Out Cubicle

I’m a huge believer in making your space so freaking awesome that it makes you look forward to going to work. I’ve been scouring Flickr for a picture for the past couple of weeks, trying to find a seriously cool looking cubicle. I finally found it.

You should click on the image so you can see its larger version in all its awesomeness.
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