What Elephants Have in Common with Gratitude

elephant-waterDid you know that elephants travel the same long journey every year?

They do. They do it because they know when the fruit will falls from the trees, so they can eat them when they are perfectly fermented and able to get a little tipsy. I forget the name of the kind of African elephant that does this, but believe me it’s true.

They only do this once a year because they have the discipline to appreciate the moment then move on.
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How Your Company Can Bring the Fun Back

lego-jailWe’re afraid of having fun because we might get caught by our boss. The dreaded Fired hangs over us like a dark cloud. So we quietly go about our work trying to stay under the radar.

The problem with this method of working is that our confidence takes a hit. We don’t always make choices that best fit the situation, because if the choice scares us then we avoid it. Living this way puts us in a state of lack instead of abundance.

Most of us were raised to stay under the radar. We got negative attention for being bad. When we did something good there was no fanfare because it’s what we were supposed to be doing.

Much of the corporate world works this way too. The people who get promoted are the ones who do the least damage to the company. That’s no way to reward an employee who has the courage to try something new and they fail.

We need to build a culture that accepts mistakes especially if an employee puts their neck on the line. When people are encouraged to take risks, they will be more likely to accomplish projects that will succeed big.
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The Necessity of Giving Gratitude at Work

My friend Rob told me that his co-worker complained about every little thing. It dragged him down. If someone left work early he would chime in. If someone didn’t send him the right format on a report he would grumble. No one went the extra mile for him because he would always find a way to complain about something.

Do you know anyone like this?

People complain at work because they focus on the “lack” instead of the “joy” that they get from their job. They do this for a number of reasons:

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What are YOU Grateful for this Past Week?

What I’m grateful for:

1.      I have a job.
2.      I’ve got great plans for Work Happy Now. Plan that will knock your socks right off your feet.
3.      The weather is Austin has been glorious.
4.      I’m learning to enjoy the pain. Just relaxing with it, watching it then letting it go.
5.      Just finished having a great conversation with my wife.
6.      My wife’s belly has popped. YES! We are having a baby. Only the 13th week, but still very exciting.
7.      I bought a videocam and saw and talked to my parents (they live in PA). I miss them a lot.
8.      I’ve done Yoga every morning this week.
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