What do you base your decisions on, money or happiness?

cashEditor’s note: This is a guest post from Kole McRae of Office Buddha

I used to be a door to door salesman. I would get up around 6am to spend a 10 hour day selling phone services to people who didn’t really need them. I hated the job and dreaded each morning (I got no days off) but for some strange reason I just kept on doing it.

The money was pretty good. It covered rent and food and it let me go out and have fun whenever I felt like it. I reasoned that I only had to do it for a few years and then I could take a 2 year break and just live off my savings. So things sucked right now, the future would rock.
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4 Tips to Help You Stay Happy, Present and Productive at Work

happy-at-computer-smileEditor’s Note: This is a guest post from Lisa of Lisa of Getting to Zen

Have you ever driven to work only to not remember how you got there? You know the route you took, however you cannot remember a single detail along the way. It was like your brain shut off and you went on autopilot-you were there, but you were not there. This happens to us when we are not present. Not being present can cause us to miss out on so much of what is going on in the moment. It puts us in a past or future time which either has already existed or not existed yet.
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Recharge Your Battery Throughout the Day

rechargeYour internal battery needs to be recharged on a regular basis. You can’t continue at break neck speed and expect to stay happy and keep reaching your goals.

The hard part is making your recharge a daily habit. If as many people meditated as much as they drank beer we would not be so stressed out and exhausted.

Drinking alcohol is fun. I enjoy a good dark beer every so often, but I stopped drinking every day because of the drag on my body.

I also stopped relying on vacations to recharge my battery. Needing a vacation is a myth that I want to crush right here. You don’t need a vacation. Yes, it may be nice, but you don’t really need one.
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Where Do You Hide Your Happiness?

hide-behind-handsAs my 1 Sentence Journal fills up I’m beginning to see my happiness patterns. For example when I start writing early in the day I can get my thoughts on this track that allows me to write in large quantities. I plant the seed early and I can’t let go. I almost always end up surprising myself with my productivity levels.

I never would have discovered this if I hadn’t taken the time to contemplate my workday. You don’t need to meditate in the typical sense to enjoy the benefits of contemplation. The idea is to find a way to relax your thoughts and be in the now, so you can improve just a little bit each day.
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How to Feel Good about Your Job

smiling-at-work-2Editor’s Note: Lisa H. (aka RunningBear) is the founder of Getting to Zen

I can’t count the number of times that I have heard someone say “I hate my job”– Day after day, begrudgingly going to work repeating this mantra. But, if this thing called a “job” was taken away from them they wouldn’t have the means to pay for the things that they needed on a day-to-day basis (food, shelter, clothing). So isn’t it ironic that something like a “job” would be hated by so many people when it can bring them so many benefits.
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19 Reasons to Buy Zappos’ Delivering Happiness Book

delivering-happiness-whnZappos has been honored with many accolades these past few years, including Business Week Customer Service Champ of 2009. Tony Hsieh, Zappos’ CEO, has been asked to speak all over the world. Zappos was named one of Fortune’s top 100 companies to work for in 2009.

Many people love to talk about the wonderful success story of Zappos, but some people don’t realize how much work was put into the development of the company. We know that they get raving reviews from customers, but we don’t know what it took to develop the business model that has been so successful.
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Find Happiness At Work With The Help of a Coach

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Michelle Stimpson

“Have you ever seen the movie, ‘Yes Man’ with Jim Carrey? Well, previously that was me,” said Lisa Schmidtke, owner of Able Deluxe and Able Deluxe Technologies. “In my business, I was feeling scattered and jumping on any opportunities that would come my way. I always said ‘yes’ to my customers and colleagues, out of fear—fear of the well running dry, fear of others not liking me, fear of another opportunity not showing up.”

As a Professional Coach, I work with women in business who are eager to invest in themselves and want to live a more balanced, joyful life. Lisa couldn’t have been in a more perfect spot for coaching! Thankfully, Lisa made a courageous move and sought out coaching, in service of being happier at work.

After our initial Discovery Session to get clear on the low-down of her life and her business, I realized that while Lisa enjoyed her role as a business owner and was passionate about the work she was doing, the bottom-line was that she was not happy. Lisa sensed that she needed a change when her self-proclaimed “crazy business practices” began to affect her family life.
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Stop Swimming Against the Tide and Meet Your Career Needs

tide-whnDo you ever feel like you are swimming against the tide?

For the past few months I’ve been in transition. I didn’t know it, but the transition had really begun a while back.

I had been receiving great advice, but from the wrong perspective.

You may be in a similar position. Your best friend, mom or therapist sees the world from their perspective. They try their best to jump into your shoes, but they don’t quite fit.

I’ve decided to stop taking most of my friend’s advice and swim with my internal tide.
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Walk to the Bathroom Very Very Mindfully – Work Happy Tip

Every week I like to bring you a work happiness tip that can help improve your mood, relationships, productivity, or reduce your stress. The idea is to put you back in the driver’s seat. This week’s tip: Walk to the bathroom very very mindfully.

Our minds love to follow distractions. It makes sense.

We like to be distracted. So even when we are walking to use the bathroom, we notice a co-worker’s cough, which makes us think about our own throat, and this leads to a reminder to go to the doctor for a check-up, then we are done.

We finished in the bathroom and we are back at our desk. 99% of our focus is not about enjoying where we are, but rather random thoughts.

I advocate developing your mind at work because it will help you to become happier and more productive. The reason this works is because you are focusing your energy on the part of you that matters the most. Without developing your emotional intelligence, you are flatlining your ability to feel good.

It works like this…
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Work Happiness Tip – Keep Track of Your Mood

mood-journalEvery week I like to bring you a work happiness tip that can help improve your mood, relationships, productivity, or reduce your stress. The idea is to put you back in the driver’s seat. This week’s tip: Keep track of your mood.

For a whole month I kept track of my mood and recorded it every morning, afternoon, and night. I added it as a chapter in my soon to be released book.

For a month I rated my mood three times a day to discover how I actually felt. My rating was on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being severely sad and 10 being so amazingly happy that I could barely contain my joy.

I was surprised by the results.
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