When Do You Decide Whether or Not You are Happy at Work?


When you just got a raise?

When you had a fight with a co-worker?

When a client tears you a new one because they had a bad day?

When you completed a tough project?

When you slept 4 hours the night before?

There are so many ways to judge our happiness at work, but it really requires a focused mind to reflect and decide on the right things.
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How do I make my people happy?

So you want an atmosphere that encourages great work? Don’t we all. Most bosses and managers talk a good game, but they don’t create a plan to make it happen.

Almost every CEO I worked for always talked about the importance of their people, but their actions did not coincide with their words. They were always more worried about the bottom line.

I know how important it is to make money, but if the employees are happy then believe me, the money will come. That is if you have a good product/service.

It’s why Southwest airlines is the only consistent money generator in the USA airline industry. They believe in creating a culture that encourages happiness.

As a leader of people you need to encourage happiness in every facet of your business. I’ve created 10 techniques that will help your company be happy and successful.

  1. Be happy yourself.
  2. Know your people.
  3. Make time for your people.
  4. Show people the autonomy that they already have.
  5. Help them find meaning in their work.
  6. Listen and respond to their emotions, not their problems.
  7. Stop letting assholes dictate the company culture.
  8. Encourage friendships.
  9. Recognize hard work.
  10. Find out why people leave.

These are concepts that are easy to understand, but may be hard to apply to your company’s culture. I’ll break them down so you can use them in your company.

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The Effects of Fast Food

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Fast food is a energy killer.  I feel grumpy and lethargic after I eat fast food. The salt, grease, and preservatives can bring even the strongest person down.

Your ability to enjoy your job has a lot to do with what you put in your body. If you want to increase your happiness at work, take notice of what you eat and how it makes you feel.
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My Work Happiness Journey

While my work happiness journey will never end, I understand this and I’m ok with it. I realize that I’m just beginning to have fun with work, networking, and everything that goes along with a career. I began my journey over 12 years ago, but I won’t bore you with all that detail. I’ll take you straight to the important stuff.

I wanted to discover the best techniques to bring me consistent happiness. I started off writing about personal development because I felt a void in my life, but as time trudged on I began to narrow my focus to a particular issue that I struggled with and I knew millions of other people struggle with: the ability to enjoy work. I discovered that throughout my life, working for a company felt “forced,” and it had become increasingly difficult for me to do something that felt forced.

I had always put in long hours to help a company build its market share and income and all I was getting in return was a paycheck. Pretty depressing view.

For many years, every company seemed like a dead end. During high school and college there were the random jobs (K-mart, media buying, telemarketing, etc.). I landed my first full-time corporate job and then I went into teaching, thinking that I could do something that would make me feel good instead of working just making money for “the man.”

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Enjoy the Nitty Gritty Details


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When we are able to enjoy the details within our work that’s when we know we are working happy. The best part about details is there is always another layer, which just sparks more curiosity.
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Extend Your Company’s Recruiting Message to Social Outlets

In doing my research on Google I stumbled across a Google produced video on YouTube that interviewed employees and showed the viewer various locations at the Google offices. Everything looked so inviting from the sleek cafeteria to the game room and the beautiful outside patios.

If I wasn’t so invested in this whole “Work Happy Now” thing I would send my resume in right now. 😉

Google created this video to extend their marketing message.

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Work Happy the Google Way – eBook

The best way to improve your company’s work environment is to watch other brilliant people who are already succeeding. Google was rated as the top place to work by Fortune magazine in 2008. There is much to learn from Google about making our working lives more fun and fulfilling. I’ve created an ebook called “Work Happy the Google Way.” A chapter from the ebook will start this Wednesday. If you don’t want to wait for each post you can sign up for my RSS feed by email or add Work Happy Now to your feed reader and get the link to download the free ebook.

“Work Happy the Google Way” will covers topics such as:

  • Google’s best management techniques
  • Improving co-worker relationships
  • Employee incentives
  • Solid strategies that you can use to improve your life at work.

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