How to Discover Your Career Bliss

If you can’t connect to the work that you are doing, either it doesn’t fit with your needs or you aren’t trying. Some people have an aptitude for math, writing, history, science, computers, etc. They gravitate toward these things because they vibrate their soul.

I know I may be losing some of you here because of this “new age” vibrational talk, but that’s ok. I know I can’t win all of you over with each post. A lot of you really need this information, so I’ll continue.

You have deep needs that need to be recognized or you will never be happy at work. This is why I talk about the importance of reflection. It’s important to sit back and let the mind go to see how your career is humming along. I’ve known a lot of people who didn’t take the time in their twenties and thirties to really listen to how they felt and adjust their careers accordingly, and now they are paying for it in their careers.
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The Ultimate Guide to Releasing Your Career Frustrations

frustrated-with-career-whnIf you are anything like me, frustration can put a heavy damper on your career. Your frustration comes at you from external and internal issues.

Externally you may have to deal with…

> Coworkers
> Clients/Customers
> Technology

Internally you may have to deal with…

> Tissue pain (i.e. a bad back)
> Depression
> Creativity issues

I can make these two lists very long, but you understand all the elements that a worker must deal with. Heck, you deal with your own issues every day.
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7 Tips to Overcome the Monday Blues

asleep-in-bed-whn-2Arrrrrgh days (Mondays) are the most difficult transition for most of us. We just had two glorious days off doing stuff we chose to do. Now we are back at work and doing stuff other people are telling us to do. We all have to do stuff we don’t feel like doing. Even if you are the CEO, your share holders, board members and customers are telling you what to do.

By adjusting the way you view your experience, you have the ability to be happy on a Monday.

You have to take some of the control back and make yourself feel good. I’m not talking about eating chocolate cake. I’m talking about doing small things that can redirect your focus.
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How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

relaxed-at-workSo you’re stressed out and you have too much to complete. What do you do?

Usually someone does the opposite of what they should really do. They try to rush through to get as much done as possible without being aware of their body signals.

This is actually funny to me. I have often seen co-workers making calls, writing an email and planning their night all at the same time they’re rushing to get all their work done and then they complain about feeling stressed out.

Instead of looking at the root cause, they apply topical solutions to the problem. I’ll explain as this article continues.

I’ve actually tried talking to these stressed out people about their habits and all I get are grumpy stares. I’m sure they are addicted to the rush of rushing around. We all love to feel important, making sure our ego gets that daily dose of “oh yeah, that’s why I’m on Earth.”

The problem is that our hearts, minds, and stomachs can’t handle the pressure. No wonder we eat for comfort. We are constantly on the edge trying to bring ourselves back to solid ground. We also forget that we have superpowers that need to be used more often.  We forget that we are put on this earth to thrive instead of just survive. That means doing work that gets us excited, gets us in the zone, and plays to our strengths. It’s a lot easier to keep stress back when we are doing work that comes easy to us.

We also need to find other ways to relax with the work that we do without feeling overwhelmed. It’s a mental game that we must all solve for ourselves.

I use 3 techniques that I’ve combined to help me deal with my frustration, plus a bonus idea that has worked well for me:

– Slow your movements for a specified amount of time

– Increase speed slowly

– Be 100% there

* Bonus Tip

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