Thank You

I truly feel blessed to be me.

I know many people curse the Gods because they have cancer. Click here to read my story if you want to get updated. I some how don’t feel that way. In less than two weeks I’ve learned so many valuable lessons that I would have taken me 30 years to learn. I definitely would still be rushing to get to point B faster instead of enjoying the moment that I am in.

I also learned that love matters more than anything else. It doesn’t matter how much money a person has because love is the most important part of my life. I knew this before, but it never really sunk in until my diagnosis.
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7 Skills You Need to Develop a Career that You Love

Do you wish that you had the ability to find a career that uses your superpowers? What can you do to make your dream career a reality?

Creating a career that you love doesn’t magically happen. It takes work. I refuse to blow smoke up your butt and tell you how easy it is, because then you’ll curse my name all around the internet.

I would rather focus on helping you build a career based on your core needs. This takes time.

You have to know what truly makes you happy, so you can create the career that fits your needs as well as the market.

Too many people will say that if you just follow your dream then the money will flow into your life. This can be partially true. What most people fail to recognize is the importance of aligning your needs with other people’s needs.
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Loving what you do is an…

love-what-you-do-whnLoving what you do is an…

…ongoing process.

It’s a relationship that takes work. Just like you have to work at your marriage, your friendships, and yourself, there is no escaping the process of career development.

I fell into the trap of trying to create a static love for my work. I didn’t consider the fact that it’s a relationship like any other. I wanted to feel good all the time. This is impossible.

Letting go of a fixed perspective is the quickest way to enjoy what you do.

Even when you love what you do, you still need to develop new emotional skills, new physical skills, and new relationships with the work and your people.


“How can I improve my happiness by just 1% today?”

“What actions can I take?”

“Who can I help?”

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What to do When You Hit a Creativity Wall

brick-wall-whnWhy do we only get so far before we hit a wall? We know the wall will eventually come,and every time it knocks us on our ass.

This happens because we let our frustration overpower our curiosity.

We forget to love this wall. Hug this wall. It’s there for a reason.

They show us how much we care. If we just gave up when we faced a challenge it probably mean that our hearts weren’t in it in the first place.

We hit a wall and we kick it for being “stupid.” This is just a wall. A wall can’t be stupid. But we are afraid to label ourselves as stupid so we pick something outside of ourselves to label.
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The One Thing More Important Than Your Career

Every now and again, I like to bring you short interviews to give you a new perspective on work happiness. During my study of work happiness I have found that there are many paths to the same goal. Some people believe that loving what you do is a must, while other people believe that relationships are vital to enjoying the work that we do. Interviews are a great way to get out of your own perspective and see what other people are doing to be happy at work.

On this blog I try to push myself outside of my comfort zone to a place where I’m a little afraid. I have to admit that I was a little afraid of interviewing Penelope Trunk. Not because her blog is űber popular or because she was the CEO of Brazeen Careerist a popular career networking site.

I was afraid because of how honest she is. She wouldn’t be afraid to call me out.

She wasn’t afraid to tell me that career happiness really is a crock of shit. Her words. She actually said it a few times. She explains how we overcomplicate life in the audio interview that I posted below. You’ll just have to listen to the audio to find out why she believes so strongly in her ideals.

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28 Lessons on Working Happy From My Icelandic Mother

My mother is an amazing woman. Almost everyone says that about their own mother. I guess that’s why we have “Mother’s Day.”

To shine a little light on them.

My mother was a part-time accountant (for my father’s electrical business), counselor, homemaker, retailer, coach, and artist. She did a little of everything and basically kept our house together.

I was a mama’s boy. Growing up I always turned to my mom when I needed advice, so her work habits rubbed off on me.

Here are my 28 Lessons on Working Happy from My Icelandic Mother:

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