The Perfect Drug to Revive a Work Day

Sick and tired of taking those man-made drugs that drag you down? Then try my magic drug that’s all natural.

A nap.

Shhhh, don’t tell anyone.

Hey, if you would like to:

  • Reduce your stress
  • Improve your Short-term memory
  • Increase your patience and motivation
  • Process information more efficiently

Then you will love “the nap.”


Ok, the infomercial is now over. Just having a little fun.

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How Gary Vaynerchuk Found His Sweet Spot

SxSW was an amazing experience and Gary Vaynerchuk’s passionate talk swept the audience off their feet. His excitement oozed into every corner of that huge room. He talked about getting down and dirty, maintaining happiness and knocking out great work. The audience understood that they needed to get in the trenches and “crush it!”

If some of you don’t know who Gary is, he created Wine Library TV, a wine company in NJ. He was making good money selling wine, but something was missing. He was only 99.9% happy. He wanted to go to that 100% threshold. That little .1% pushed him to start Wine Library TV.

Here is his SxSW keynote presentation:

You can hear my question to Gary in this video at 21:09. (Click here to view the video at Work Happy Now)

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Enjoy the Nitty Gritty Details


(If you have trouble viewing this video click here and watch it at Work Happy Now)

When we are able to enjoy the details within our work that’s when we know we are working happy. The best part about details is there is always another layer, which just sparks more curiosity.
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You Are Awesome

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You have every right to be awesome. No scratch that, you are awesome. You just need to give that part of yourself a big hug and let it all out for the world to see and learn to love.


I met so many cool people at SXSW.

Havi of the Fluent Self – Such a quiet cool that just makes the people around her relaxed.

Naomi of IttyBiz – A rambunctious cool that just makes people want to agree with everything she said.

Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project – A curious cool who wasn’t afraid to learn from me, even though her audience is huge compared to mine.

Chris Brogan – A humble funny cool that makes everyone hang on his words.

Pam Slim of Escape from Cubicle Nation– A confident cool that lets you know she isn’t afraid.

Jonathon Fields of Career Renegade – A calm cool that made me feel like I could launch my career into something really exciting.

Guy Kawasaki – A smart cool that had the pulse on the people around him.

Tony Hsieh – A zen cool that made me feel awed by his presence.

Gary Vaynerchuk – An infectious cool that makes you want to kick the competition’s ass.

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Forcing a Smile Can Make You Happy

Forcing a smile can alter your physical momentum. Yoga has taught the method of forced laughter to bring in good feelings. So give it a try. Next time you are in need of a pick-me-up, try slapping a smile on your grumpy face.

Devil is in the Details

The quality of this video isn’t up to snuff, but I still like the message of this video so I’m going to post it anyway. My promise to you over these next few weeks is to make improvements, so you can watch without being distracted by my cheap video camera.

It reminds me of a saying: “The devil is in the details.” When we keep on making little improvements every single day we find that little devil and exercise it out.

My little devil is finding a better way to deliver video to you. I could be lazy and just say it’s good enough, but I believe that’s not what working happy now is all about.

I’m trying to make small improvements every day to make my message a little more awesome. Because the more value I deliver, the more you want to keep coming back.

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Putting on Your Underwear Mindset

(If you can’t see this video then click here and visit Work Happy Now to view it.)

This site is all about working happy and I must admit. I love doing these videos. They take about as much planning and time as a regular post, but so much more dynamic.

We all use tricks to get us focused and pumped for a big meeting or a new job. What do you do to get your mindset aligned with your needs?

I use my red underwear – literally.

This PG-13 rated video does show my underwear, so look away and only listen to this video if you don’t want to see my red undies.

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6 Exercise Hacks While You Are At Work

Your blood needs to flow freely and at times quickly. Fast moving blood will help clean out the plaque that’s been building up inside your arteries. Sometimes our jobs just don’t provide that excitement that gets the blood flowing. So we need to create it for ourselves.

I don’t want you to strip down to your underwear and streak through the office. Well I think that would be cool, but not very good for your career.

Exercise is a vital component to feeling good while we are working throughout the day. People who exercise at least 20 minutes a day see a significant increase in energy compared to people who don’t exercise at all.
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So Your Boss Spits When He Yells


The spit comes flying out

of his mouth,

splashing on to his desk.


He doesn’t even have the decency to stand up.


His fat tired legs are tired of making an effort.


Funny thing is he doesn’t have a problem yelling at you until his veins turn red to purple.


He’s pissed because of

a mistake you made.


Encouragement isn’t in his vocabulary.

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8 Great Leadership Tips from the Dallas Cowboys Assistant Head Coach

Jason GarrettJason Garrett spoke to a group of 200 at a formal dinner and his soft demeanor caught me off guard. I was expecting a tough football voice. It was a welcomed difference. It came across as humbling, not weak. He spoke well, with a slight tinge of enthusiasm.


The new guard, as I like to call it, seems to be popular throughout the football league. These forward thinking coaches use many techniques to will their players to their best. Tony Dungy is at the forefront of this movement. He believes that you don’t need to yell and scream to get your point across. Football players are people who want to be treated with respect and kindness.


Jason Garrett’s 8 lessons of leadership:


  1. He talked about coaching Terrell Owens, a future Hall of Fame receiver, who is known to be a difficult player. He said that he told him (a Hall of Fame receiver) and the rest of the team that no matter who was on the field they would be coached.

Lesson – Learn from everyone around you because there is always something to improve.


  1. Give people purpose. Tell people their role and recognize them for their work.

Lesson – We all need to feel appreciated.


  1. When I’m on the field and my team is exhausted I go out there and become a cheerleader. I let them know whether they have cool shoes or if they are doing a good job working their butt off.

Lesson – Create a positive atmosphere by being a cheerleader when someone is having a bad day.


  1. Success is 54% body language, 40% tone of voice, and 6% words. I don’t know how Jimmy Johnson got those numbers, but it explains why he was able to create such a passionate team. When he spoke to us he got us excited and ready to win.

Lesson – Use your body and voice to convey confidence.


  1. Even if you think they are dragging their feet and breathing hard, you can always tell them that oxygen is good for the soul, so keep up the good work.

Lesson – Someone is always doing something right. Recognize that and give them positive feedback.


  1. When looking to bring someone new on to your team make sure you look at his character. You can’t teach character, but you can teach competency

Lesson – Hire motivated people.


  1. Nick Saban the great college coach always told us, “Tell me when we are making a mistake, so we can fix it.” Every time I or one of the other coaches told him something that we were doing wrong, he would bite our heads off. (laughing) It was always one of the most uncomfortable moments to be in.

Lesson – Make sure you follow your own advice otherwise no one will be willing to help you.


  1. Tony Romo (Quarterback for Dallas) told me that he wanted to run a “Three wide split.” I thought to myself that is the stupidest play. Their defense is perfectly designed to stop that. I wasn’t sure what to call because it was something like 3rd and 20, so I called it. Tony looked back at me and I could tell he was smiling. The throw went to Owens and he scored a touchdown.

Lesson – Let people do what they think is right because they’ll make it happen.


My co-worker wasn’t as enthused by the football references, but as Jason continued to speak he won her over. She was impressed by his talk. We can learn about working happy from anyone if we just take a moment to listen and put their words into action.


Does anyone have any good sports references that can be applied to working happier?