How to be Drama-Free… Start with Yourself

hide-behind-handsEditor’s note: this is a guest post from Kaley Klemp the Co-Author of The Drama-Free Office

It’s gossip, turf wars, water cooler talk, and the chronic complainer no one can stand. When you talk with people about the organizations they work for, it’s common to hear about the “Drama” plaguing their companies: the energy-draining behaviors that keep people from focusing on the creative projects and basic business practices that make the company successful.

If we could just get through the drama, the business decisions and real work isn’t that hard…
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Fire Cracker, A Lousy Day and Multiply It By 7

firecrackerI’ve had some real “fire cracker explodes in your hand” kind of days. You know those days when you take a chance and it back fires in your face.

The old Karl (before Work Happy Now) usually got all depressed and sulked for days on end when I had a lousy day. I now practice being happy at work. I don’t put up with a lousy day any longer.

I’ve learned how to let the pain go and move on.
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How to Feng Shui Your Workspace


Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Estela M. L. Go of My Dog Ate My Blog

Want to improve both your productivity and happiness level? It’s time to feng shui your workplace. Feng shui is a practice that will help you design your environment so that it brings the best of you out. By following the 10 practical feng shui tips listed below, you can increase your productivity, your positive energy, and your working experience.

10. Practical Tips
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4 Ultimate PC Productivity Tools

pc-productivityEditor’s Note: This is a guest post from Wendy Graham of online colleges.

If you work from home or attend online college, you know the importance of keeping productive; while working from the comfort of your house may seem like the best of all possible work environments, it can have its drawbacks. For one, you must have strong reserves of self-discipline and treat your work life as it were… a job. This can be difficult if one uses the same home computer for work and leisure. If this applies to you, consider the following programs.
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Who Won the Free Superpower Coaching Contest?

thank-you-whn-2I loved the idea of paying my readers back with a contest for 2 Free Superpower coaching sessions. I’m sorry that I couldn’t have picked everyone. The entries were very heartfelt and inspiring. Click here to read them. I can see that there is a lot of fear when it comes to taking a career to the next level. This is a big part of what makes up my superpowers. I was afraid to start my own business, but I’ve talked to the right people and learned a lot of tricks and good habits along the way.

It’s all about asking the right questions. If you can’t ask the right question, you’ll never get to the root of the problem. I had a coaching session with Katie of the Levity project that inspired me to help you. She made me dig into my heart by asking the right questions.
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9 Ways to Overcome Work Annoyances

annoyed-at-work-whn* I was afraid to publish this post because it may seem too simple for some of my advanced readers, but even my advanced work happiness people had to start somewhere. And yes, even advanced people need refreshers. So here it is.

Work has hundreds of little annoyances that can kill your happiness if you don’t create a system to deal with your problems.

Co-workers, bosses, and tedious tasks can throw us off our emotional center. We must find creative ways to deal with these issues.
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Negotiate Your Way to Great Work

negotiate-great-career-whnYou may have noticed some of the changes going on around here. I’ve been talking more about developing your strengths and living your passions. This is what we should all be doing. We need to leverage what we already are good at and develop the skills we are passionate about.

Many of you don’t get to apply your strengths and passions in your careers. I was talking to a client of mine about these issues. She knows what she is good at, but can’t seem to make the transition. Her boss gives her the same work day after day that makes her unhappy.

As we continued to talk I began to see a theme. She did not want to say “no” to the crappy work or negotiate to get the work that excited her. She felt stuck.
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Focus on Fewer Things with Better Results – cartoon

I’m a big believer in creativity at work. We need to expand outside our comfort zones to reach the good stuff. That’s why I draw. It forces me to find new angles on work happiness. How do you find new angles?


Too often we get caught up in trying to be amazing instead of just letting our amazing ooze out.
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Are Friendships the Key to Workplace Happiness?

friends-at-workEditor’s note: This is a guest post from Eileen Habelow, senior vice president of organizational development for Randstad.

A recently published Conference Board study found that only 45 percent of Americans are satisfied with their jobs.  While the causes of dissatisfaction may be many, it doesn’t seem to be rooted in the person we sit across from in cubicleland.  In fact, a new Randstad Work Watch survey reveals that American workers seem to be happier at their jobs because of the friendships they cultivate with coworkers – 67 percent reported having friends at work makes their job more fun and enjoyable and 55 percent feel that these relationships make their job more worthwhile and satisfying.

But not all workplace friendships seem to be created equal as the survey also found that people characterize their professional relationships in a variety of ways, from personal friends with whom they interact inside and outside of work (38 percent) to friendships limited to the workplace and workplace functions (32 percent) to even friendships cultivated out of sheer necessity or convenience for work purposes or alliances (17 percent).
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7 Tips to Survive and Thrive When Working from a Home Office

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Evita of Evolving Beings. In our first part of this series we considered the benefits of allowing employees to work from home and in the second part we talked about how to optimize a tele-commuting situation. Today we follow up with 7 Tips to Survive and Thrive When Working from a Home Office.

Working from a home office, especially for yourself can either be looked upon as a big blessing or big curse. Which it will be completely depends on how successfully you set up your home environment, as well as yourself in it.

(Karl’s note: Below is 5 minute video of Evita giving a detailed tour of her home office and how the layout affects her work.)

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