My Work Happiness Journey

While my work happiness journey will never end, I understand this and I’m ok with it. I realize that I’m just beginning to have fun with work, networking, and everything that goes along with a career. I began my journey over 12 years ago, but I won’t bore you with all that detail. I’ll take you straight to the important stuff.

I wanted to discover the best techniques to bring me consistent happiness. I started off writing about personal development because I felt a void in my life, but as time trudged on I began to narrow my focus to a particular issue that I struggled with and I knew millions of other people struggle with: the ability to enjoy work. I discovered that throughout my life, working for a company felt “forced,” and it had become increasingly difficult for me to do something that felt forced.

I had always put in long hours to help a company build its market share and income and all I was getting in return was a paycheck. Pretty depressing view.

For many years, every company seemed like a dead end. During high school and college there were the random jobs (K-mart, media buying, telemarketing, etc.). I landed my first full-time corporate job and then I went into teaching, thinking that I could do something that would make me feel good instead of working just making money for “the man.”

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The Beta launch of the Happy at Work Project

If I was a betting man I would put up $10,000 that everyone has a friend who hates his or her job. I would win every time because I know you all know someone who bitches and complains about their job and does nothing to bring more joy into their working life.

That’s why I’m launching the BETA program of The Happy at Work Project. I want to help people who hate their jobs as well as people who put up with their “ok” jobs.

“OK” and “Hate” – Two Terrible Words

People who hate their jobs need to find a way to accept or change their circumstances. The only way they will actually do this is if they understand what they truly want out of their careers.

People who have just an “ok” job but don’t get excited about the work they are doing need to figure out what makes them feel energized and how to do more of this type of work.

I don’t believe in coasting. Sure, if you want to stay where you are then that’s your prerogative. This project is not for you.

But if you want to build a career that is going to take your happiness to the next level then the “Happy at Work Project” is your cup of “wake up and have fun” coffee.

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