Are Friendships the Key to Workplace Happiness?

friends-at-workEditor’s note: This is a guest post from Eileen Habelow, senior vice president of organizational development for Randstad.

A recently published Conference Board study found that only 45 percent of Americans are satisfied with their jobs.  While the causes of dissatisfaction may be many, it doesn’t seem to be rooted in the person we sit across from in cubicleland.  In fact, a new Randstad Work Watch survey reveals that American workers seem to be happier at their jobs because of the friendships they cultivate with coworkers – 67 percent reported having friends at work makes their job more fun and enjoyable and 55 percent feel that these relationships make their job more worthwhile and satisfying.

But not all workplace friendships seem to be created equal as the survey also found that people characterize their professional relationships in a variety of ways, from personal friends with whom they interact inside and outside of work (38 percent) to friendships limited to the workplace and workplace functions (32 percent) to even friendships cultivated out of sheer necessity or convenience for work purposes or alliances (17 percent).
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How to Build Better Relationships at Work

Relationships are built on trust. If I trust you to help me finish a project and you flake out on me, that trust is gone.

If you are a stand up person who sweats, bleeds, and cries by my side and also encourages me to be great than you’ve earned my trust. I’ll love you until the end of time.

This video was shot on my lunch hour because that morning I worked on a project with a group of guys I would go to business war with. They are smart, fun, and we get a lot accomplished. Yes, I’m talking about my day job. Hey, I’m doing this for you, so I can learn first hand how to make people happy at work. 🙂

We need to learn to build trust with our co-workers, bosses, and clients. That means being there and supporting them when they need it the most.

Now it’s time to watch the video and find out one more way to build better relationships at work.
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Christmas is over, but the How to Kick Butt at Work and Be Happy Too teleseminar is coming soon

How-to-kick-butt-at-work-bannerEveryone on my newsletter list is already privy to this information because I’m trying not to do the hard sell on this blog. I want this blog to be creative, relaxed and no pressure. The problem is that I do need to make money. I can’t live off of love.

Wish that I could. 🙂

I can live off of your support. That’s why I’m letting you know about the How to Kick Butt at Work and Be Happy Too teleseminar now before the price goes up. I’ve done group teleseminars before with other bloggers, but this will be my first solo teleseminar. Meaning that I could charge more, but I want you to feel happy about the price too. My favorite group seminar was with Naomi of Ittybiz. She has such a wicked smart brain that together we knocked the listeners’ socks off. At least that’s what Naomi told me.

I’ve been studying work happiness techniques from Zappos (check out CEO interview), Google (my Google ebook), Southwest airlines (my post), and many other great minds for over two years. Yes this blog has been up and running for two years.

I know. I can’t believe it myself.

Well, I have all this wonderful knowledge that I want to share with you. It focuses on the three R’s:

Reflection (Learn how to really listen to your needs so you can use your strengths at work)

Relationships (Learn how to build great relationships to help you personally and professionally)

Results (Learn how to reduce work stress and be productive)

In this seminar I will teach you intrapersonal skills (reflection) that will help you build great relationships.

These great relationships that will lead you to amazing results.

You are probably thinking, Karl, this sounds great, but I know everything that you are going to say. I read you blog religiously.

If you do read every word that I write then this teleseminar might not be for you, but if you are like most readers then you probably don’t have time to read each and every post. With over 300 posts, that’s a lot of information to filter through.

Well, it’s your lucky day. I’m going to teach you techniques that will help you understand your strengths, build better relationships, and create results that will wow the right people.

Right now it’s only $17. It will go up to $27 very soon. If you want updates on pricing, seminars, and other work happy happenings, then you should join my newsletter. I may not be as round and cute as Santa, but I can sure teach you How to Kick Butt at Work and Be Happy Too.

Check out the How to Kick Butt at Work and Be Happy Too Sales Page and learn a little more about how this seminar can help you survive the corporate jungle.

Secrets – Reader Question

I recently had a reader ask me how I feel about secrets. I asked him what he meant. He said he didn’t want to go into too much detail, but that it was about an affair between two co-workers were having within the company.

He said that the superior treated the person with whom he was having an affair better than everyone else. A promotion just opened up within the company and he was afraid that it would go to this person because of the relationship.

“What should I do?”

I had trouble answering his question so I thought I’d ask all of you.

What would you do if you knew your boss was having an affair with a co-worker?
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Bruce Lee – Complete the Other Half

“One should not respond to circumstance with artificial and “wooden” prearrangement. Your action should be like the immediacy of a shadow adapting to its moving object. Your task is simply to complete the other half of the oneness spontaneously.”
– Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee was a mental and physical juggernaut.  So many think of him as just a physical freak who could perform amazing feats of acrobatics, but to reach these levels he needed to know every inch of his body and soul. This applies to you because the only way you will optimize your work happiness is through the love of self discovery. 
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