7 Simple Ways to Live Your Passions

live-passions-whnWhy do you choose to get out of bed in the morning?

You may do it because of:

> Love
> Habit
> Fear
> Excitement
> Obligation
> Dedication

Whatever gets you out of bed, it’s enough to keep you moving forward. At what point do you ask yourself…

Am I happy with my career?

This is the question that we all ask ourselves, but we often don’t take the time to figure out the answer. It’s just easier to keep doing the same boring stuff. Why put pressure on ourselves to change when we aren’t sure what will make us happy?

This is the type of thinking that prevents a person from moving forward.

You have an opportunity to create the career that will make you happy if you start right now.
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Who Won the Free Superpower Coaching Contest?

thank-you-whn-2I loved the idea of paying my readers back with a contest for 2 Free Superpower coaching sessions. I’m sorry that I couldn’t have picked everyone. The entries were very heartfelt and inspiring. Click here to read them. I can see that there is a lot of fear when it comes to taking a career to the next level. This is a big part of what makes up my superpowers. I was afraid to start my own business, but I’ve talked to the right people and learned a lot of tricks and good habits along the way.

It’s all about asking the right questions. If you can’t ask the right question, you’ll never get to the root of the problem. I had a coaching session with Katie of the Levity project that inspired me to help you. She made me dig into my heart by asking the right questions.
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Do You Need a Superpowers Coach? – $240 Contest Giveaway

thank-you-whn-2You help me wake up in the morning.

You empathize with my pain.

You are a friend.

You push me to improve.

You are simply amazing.

I am so excited that you are a part of Work Happy Now. Without you I wouldn’t be as happy as I am. I’m currently in the top 10% of happiest people on earth. I’m not sure how to prove that, but believe me I’m there.

Today I’m giving away two superpower coaching sessions to one lucky winner. That’s a $240 prize. No messing around about this offer.
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Negotiate Your Way to Great Work

negotiate-great-career-whnYou may have noticed some of the changes going on around here. I’ve been talking more about developing your strengths and living your passions. This is what we should all be doing. We need to leverage what we already are good at and develop the skills we are passionate about.

Many of you don’t get to apply your strengths and passions in your careers. I was talking to a client of mine about these issues. She knows what she is good at, but can’t seem to make the transition. Her boss gives her the same work day after day that makes her unhappy.

As we continued to talk I began to see a theme. She did not want to say “no” to the crappy work or negotiate to get the work that excited her. She felt stuck.
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The Myth of Discovering Your One True Calling

true-calling-2Lately I’ve been noticing a trend in the online career sphere – Finding your true calling.

Most career writers, coaches and counselors want you to believe that you are meant to do one thing and when we get to do this one thing we will work happily ever after.

What a crock!

You can probably list at least 10 things you good at. You may enjoy writing, sex, sewing, fishing, editing, teaching, building, chewing gum, analyzing, drinking beer, and many other things. So you may think that you need to do one of these things or all of these things to be happy.

If only I could ___________. (Fill in the blank of what you wish you could really do for a living.)

Isn’t that what we tell ourselves?

We think, “If only I could do this one thing,” or to take a step further back, “If only I knew the one thing that would make me feel excited to go to work every day.”

My heart feels for you. I used to believe the same thing.
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How to Use Your Skills and Passion to Create Success

sara-lopez-WHNEditor’s note: This is a guest post from Sara Lopez

You never quite realize how much your job affects your happiness until you have had a truly terrible job, or a truly phenomenal job. Just think about it, you spend 2/3 of your awake time at a place, surrounded by certain people, working for a specific cause­– this is called your career.

My name is Sara Lopez and I am the Brand Ambassador and Social Media Strategist for 8th Continent Soymilk. I quite possibly have the best job in the world, however it was not always this way.

At one point I worked for a consulting firm in San Francisco that was so unappreciative I would trudge home considering where I went wrong on my career path and how I would ever fix it. I dreaded going in to work in the morning because I knew my skills were not utilized, nor did my employer notice them.
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Christmas is over, but the How to Kick Butt at Work and Be Happy Too teleseminar is coming soon

How-to-kick-butt-at-work-bannerEveryone on my newsletter list is already privy to this information because I’m trying not to do the hard sell on this blog. I want this blog to be creative, relaxed and no pressure. The problem is that I do need to make money. I can’t live off of love.

Wish that I could. 🙂

I can live off of your support. That’s why I’m letting you know about the How to Kick Butt at Work and Be Happy Too teleseminar now before the price goes up. I’ve done group teleseminars before with other bloggers, but this will be my first solo teleseminar. Meaning that I could charge more, but I want you to feel happy about the price too. My favorite group seminar was with Naomi of Ittybiz. She has such a wicked smart brain that together we knocked the listeners’ socks off. At least that’s what Naomi told me.

I’ve been studying work happiness techniques from Zappos (check out CEO interview), Google (my Google ebook), Southwest airlines (my post), and many other great minds for over two years. Yes this blog has been up and running for two years.

I know. I can’t believe it myself.

Well, I have all this wonderful knowledge that I want to share with you. It focuses on the three R’s:

Reflection (Learn how to really listen to your needs so you can use your strengths at work)

Relationships (Learn how to build great relationships to help you personally and professionally)

Results (Learn how to reduce work stress and be productive)

In this seminar I will teach you intrapersonal skills (reflection) that will help you build great relationships.

These great relationships that will lead you to amazing results.

You are probably thinking, Karl, this sounds great, but I know everything that you are going to say. I read you blog religiously.

If you do read every word that I write then this teleseminar might not be for you, but if you are like most readers then you probably don’t have time to read each and every post. With over 300 posts, that’s a lot of information to filter through.

Well, it’s your lucky day. I’m going to teach you techniques that will help you understand your strengths, build better relationships, and create results that will wow the right people.

Right now it’s only $17. It will go up to $27 very soon. If you want updates on pricing, seminars, and other work happy happenings, then you should join my newsletter. I may not be as round and cute as Santa, but I can sure teach you How to Kick Butt at Work and Be Happy Too.

Check out the How to Kick Butt at Work and Be Happy Too Sales Page and learn a little more about how this seminar can help you survive the corporate jungle.

What do I do if I’m unhappy at Work?

Every person becomes unhappy at work at some time or another. It’s the natural emotional ebb and flow of being human. Even the best job has its problems.

You probably have certain expectations that can’t be met. These expectations must be emotionally bridged or you will constantly be grasping for unattainable happiness.

This article is not about settling for a crappy job. That’s the furthest thing from my mind. I believe you need to use your superpowers at work so you can optimize our present happiness while planning your most rewarding future.

Superpowers are actions that excite you, get you in the zone, and play to your strengths. If you aren’t using your superpowers at work you are missing out on doing meaningful work that will engage every part of your mind.

First you must allow yourself to feel and understand your present situation. A good scream or a good cry can cleanse the mind. It all depends on the person. When you allow yourself to feel the emotion that is blocking you from moving on, then you can accept your current situation.

After accepting this emotion, you have limitless ability to learn from this process.

The only way to understand what type of work will bring you the most happiness in the future is to understand your present self. That means dealing with your emotions and building internal tools.

Learn to watch your emotions when they occur, then create a plan that will help you explore and encourage personal growth. Some of this may be painful, but believe me it’s a good pain. It’s this pain that will help make you smarter and emotionally stronger. I don’t mean stronger as in more stoic. I define emotional strength as the ability to process emotions and bring the mind back into balance.

After studying videos, articles, myself, and my co-workers, I’ve put together a list of 8 tasks that will help you work happier.

  1. Find meaning.
  2. Become more aware of self-talk.
  3. Don’t take interactions personally.
  4. Help someone else become happy.
  5. Remember 3 good things.
  6. Utilize Smart Breaks.
  7. Speak up and take Action.
  8. Use More of Your Strengths.

These are concepts that are easy to understand, but may be hard to implement. You’ll need to practice these to make sure they become a part of you. I’ll break them down so you can apply them to your working life.

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