Work Happy Tip – Go Hug a Tree

hug-tree-nowYou don’t literally need to hug a tree, but…I mean if you really want to, go right ahead.

I just want you to get in tune with your senses. When was the last time you smelled a flower?

Been a while?

When you step outside of your comfort zone and do something like hug a tree, you’ll be surprised by the reactions you feel.

I literally went and hugged a tree. I pressed my cheek to the tree, wrapped my arms around it and squeezed. I felt this warm feeling come over me, like somehow the tree understood my appreciation for all the good that it does filtering the air for us.

I know this idea will feel weird, maybe a little too uncomfortable, so it’s time to use your imagination. Take two minutes to imagine yourself hugging a tree.

Feel the bark on your skin.

The smell of the bark.

What feelings rise up?

The strength of the tree.

The strengths within you.

I guarantee your stress will lower and you’ll feel more appreciation for the next tree you touch.
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25 Weird Breaks for Stress Relief

When you keep trying to apply the same solutions to old problems all you get is the same results. If you want to develop your emotional strength, you have to be a scientist. Experiment with many different solutions and notice what works and what doesn’t. If the old solutions don’t work, it’s time to try something new.

I recently wrote a guest post for Zen Habits, 6 Amazing Techniques to Staying Happy During a Stressful Project. The feedback was tremendous.

Out of all the techniques, the one that got the best response was “Take a Weird Break.” I wasn’t expecting that.

Here is what I wrote:

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Have Fun and Be Weird

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Too many of us get caught up in what our co-workers think of us, instead of letting loose and being a little weird. Zappos has ten values in place, one of which is “Create fun and be a little weird.” Otherwise you’ll be a tight, stressed out co-worker who has trouble having fun at work.
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