Why Every Company Should Appoint a Work Happy Manager

Happy CubicleA Work Happy Manager? My company would never hire one. They have enough on their plate as it is. Some of you may be thinking this, but this is the time to be ahead of the curve. Every company wants to be the first to implement the next great product or service, giving themselves competitive advantage. We should think of managing a company with the same mindset.


Forward thinking companies separate themselves from the crowd and get all the best talent. You know what happens when a company has the best talent… They succeed.


Companies have highs and lows from year to year. This occurs because of a fluctuation in talent, the economy, and the company’s personality. If you’ve been at a company for an extended period of time I’m sure you’ve noticed that some years are better than others. In those “down years,” employees leave because morale is low. No one enjoys working for an organization that feels sorry for itself. That’s why hiring someone to keep the company morale high is as important as making record sales. If employees aren’t happy the money train won’t last.


The Best Talent Knows If Your Company Rocks


Seth Godin believes that thirty years ago a company could put out an average product and as long as they were on TV (in everybody’s face) they made sales. This happened because the average consumer didn’t know better. They were fed their buying information. Now the Internet allows people to research. This creates more buying power.


Potential employees have this same information. They can go online and see what other present and past employees are saying about a company (check out reviews of Google from Glassdoor.com) they are interested in. If your company has bad employee PR, you won’t be getting the best talent.


Your company can change this by having a person or team of people on your staff who is proactively creating an enjoyable work environment. Most of you think Human Resources should be doing this. Let me ask you this…are they doing it at your company?


Be Proactive


I was talking to a friend who worked for a Bank. He told me that the HR staff was very good at reactive management. They took care of new health plans, internal problems, and hiring, but they were never given the freedom to create programs that would boost the employee work experience.


It’s usually not in the HR department’s goals to improve the company, so they bring in the occasional speaker to boost motivation which lasts a couple of days then everything goes back to normal. What if your company were given a person whose sole job was to improve communication, morale, and team work? That company would have a leg up on the competition.


Why do you think your company would or wouldn’t hire a work happy manager?


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My Guest Posts from Around the Globe

Around the GlobeI’ve been given the opportunity to write for various blogs around this great earth. All of them are in English, but I wanted to point out that blogs come from all over and that’s why they are so intriguing. We get viewpoints from all kinds of countries, which helps us expand beyond our normal thought routines.



One Fun Day


Small companies are best positioned to offer the “one free paid fun day” perk. Let’s say you have ten employees and they receive three weeks off a year and they make an average of $45,000. You can add an extra day off and spending cash of $50 to each employee. This is a minimal investment of time-off and money for the amount of return received.


This investment will pay dividends because your company is willing to do more than the minimum to make its employees happy. When you give back to your employees they will give back to you. It’s what humans do. Smile at someone and see if they can resist smiling back at you. They usually can’t because they understand the social cues that make a successful society.


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Six Tools to Enjoy Your Job Like a Zen Monk


Reaching a Zen-like state when working is not about being absolutely blissful. It’s a myth that monks walk around with fixed smiles on their faces.


Some probably do, but most are like you and me. They have their ups and downs while working.


But what they’ve learned to do is focus on the everyday routine and immerse themselves in every task they do.


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3 Simple Secrets to Reducing Your Blogging Stress


Thoughts, creativity, and writing should flow freely and without tension. As I was writing an article a few months ago I noticed the strain in my stomach, neck, and jaw. I was straining to get the thoughts out. As if tensing my muscles would actually help me focus or even create something helpful to my readers.


My writing was strained because I was uptight through the process. The tension was creating pain and I knew that I needed to fix the way I wrote my blogs. I ignored it in the past because I thought it was normal, sprinting through my thoughts until I began to stumble, hoping that after the first push of energy was over I would have something concrete to work with. And even when I ended up with a minor headache it was okay because I accomplished the work I set out to do. This cycle couldn’t continue and I needed a system.


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As I try to spread the work happy message I’ve reached so many great people. I want to thank these great blogs for giving me the opportunity to write for their readers.


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What Working Happy is All About

Commute HomeThis excerpt is from the Work Happy Now June newsletter. If you like what you see then sign-up for our newsletter and receive these great tips every month.


Working happy is not all about doing something we love. I think that it’s a misconception that we have to do something that excites us every moment. If we did that, we would be worn out by lunch every single day.


Working happy is about:

  • Relaxing with the work we are presently doing.
  • Sharing our pain and joy with our co-workers.
  • Fooling around and laughing up a storm every once in a while.
  • Completing a tough project.
  • Failing and dusting ourselves off and trying again.
  • Commuting home and breathing a sigh of relief.
  • Getting paid for our hard work.
  • Looking back at the story we created.


Yes, we should enjoy what we do, but not all of us have the luxury at the moment. It’s really about looking at the big picture and enjoying the job for all that it is. Take a moment to enjoy those little things that are normally taken for granted.


Hope you had a great working month. If not, no big deal because you always have the next month to make it better.


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Mini Sabbaticals Should be Mandatory


Accenture refused to layoff their employees when they hit a rough period because they didn’t want to go through a whole new batch of hiring and training. So they decided to pay the staff that they would have laid off 20% of their pay with benefits while they waited for the economy to bounce back. The catch was, they couldn’t work for a competitor. When the economy came back around they rehired the employees they couldn’t afford to keep.



Tell Your Boss You Need Some Leisure Time


Get right up in her face and tell her you demand leisure time. Okay, that’s a bit much, but you can probably take some leisure time without being a jerk about it. It’s as simple as taking fifteen minutes here and two minutes there. There is a reason why people are addicted to smoking and it’s not just the nicotine. They get to go outside and take a break from all the stress. I find it funny to see a group of smokers huddled on a cold day, but they’re out there because it gives them a chance to have their nicotine and leisure time.



25 Lessons on Working Happy From My German Father


My father owns an electrical contracting business. He built a strong company that has lasted for over 40 years. He has never advertised in his life. He went out and proved he was good and his customers referred him to other friends and contractors all over eastern Pennsylvania. Seth Godin would have been proud.



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Tell One Friend About Work Happy Now!

Tell a FriendLet’s spread the word. Say it loud and say it proud, Working happy is a right we all deserve!


When you come to this site, it’s free. All of this carefully constructed information to help you maximize your work happiness is available for free! Believe me, it takes up a lot of my time. So all I’m asking in return is a small favor. Tell one friend about working happy. That’s it.


All you have to do is casually, maybe over lunch or cup of coffee, tell them about the great work we are doing together. Believe me, some of my commenters are better writers than me, so they are as much a part of this site as I am.


By telling your friends about this site you’ll be helping them enjoy their working days just a little more. The perk is they won’t just meet up with you to complain. They will actually tell you about all the cool stuff that is happening to them because they are maximizing their work happiness, instead of letting work dictate how much fun they have.


And don’t forget to tell them about the RSS feed so they can get their daily Work Happy Now tips in regular intervals. 


Thanks and I appreciate your support.


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