Help Employees Connect to a Larger Vision

People want to be a part of a bigger picture, connected to the purpose. If all you do to improve employee moral is pay your employees more to stay, you are fighting a losing battle.

“I like working at Google because everyone has a common goal to add value to our end users lives and to make our product better for them. That makes my work exciting.”

– Rose (Google Employee) Associate Product Manager (1)

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How Does Google Create a Great Atmosphere?

Google has taken great pains to create an atmosphere that promotes fun, creativity and accomplishing audacious goals. They do this because they understand people’s needs. People need to work in a place that cares about them.

Google shows they care in many ways. Their perks include:

  • 11 free gourmet cafeterias
  • Employee lounges
  • Massage services
  • Free laundry and dry cleaning
  • Oil change service
  • Personal concierge to place dinner reservations
  • Weekly TGIF Parties
  • Top quality speakers visiting on a regular basis

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